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Center for Practical & Professional Ethics Sacramento State University

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Support the Center!

The Center for Practical and Professional Ethics is funded primarily through a combination of external and internal grants which support specific events and activities.

The day to day operations of the Center are generously supported by the Department of Philosophy and the College of Arts and Letters.

The Center currently seeks support in the form of:

  • Activity and Event Specific Grants.
  • Sustaining Endowment of the Center.
  • Endowed Chair in Ethics.
  • Corporate or Individual Gifts.


The Center is interested in finding support in the form of gifts from individuals and groups in the community.

Ethics is an important part of all of our lives, whether in personal relationships, employment and professional settings, or in public affairs. In this sense, it is in everyone's interest to further the development of an ethical society. Insofar as the Center's mission is to do exactly this, we seek like-minded members of the community who are interested in supporting the various aspects of our work, or who would like to propose and fund a special project for the Center to undertake. We are especially interested in funding for an endowed Chair of Ethics and funding for a sustaining endowment to the Center.

If you are interested in supporting the activity of the Center through a grant or gift, please begin by contacting Kyle Swan, Director, at the Center office (916) 278-5011 or directly through the Center's e-mail.

Since California State University, Sacramento, is a non-profit public institution, supporting gifts for any of its Centers, including the Center for Practical and Professional Ethics, may be tax deductable.

Thank you for your consideration!