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Center on Race, Immigration & Social Justice California State University, Sacramento

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The CRISJ Research Mentorship Program provides students an opportunity to participate in collaborative research and creative activity. The mentoring program facilitates both student-faculty research and student peer-to-peer support and collaboration. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, students gain critical skills for both non-academic and academic careers, including preparation for graduate school.

For questions about the CRISJ Research Mentorship Program, please contact Dr. Elvia Ramirez (

Student Mentees 2021 - 2022

Sophia Adele

student mentee

Sophia Adele is majoring in Political Science and expects to graduate Fall 2022. Her research interests center on qualitative data work. In the research that she is doing with her professor, she will be looking at the data of women in local offices.

Mentor: Dr. Danielle Martin

DeVonne Anderson

My name is DeVonne S.V Anderson and I am a psychology major in my senior year at Sacramento State. I strive to use my education to be a pillar of intellectual and emotional support within my community. My research interests include clinical, developmental, social, cultural, and community psychology, ethnic studies, higher education, and social justice.

Mentor: Dr. Rose Borunda

Destiny Duran

Destiny Duran is a senior undergrad student of Sociology. Her research interests focus on exploring social inequalities related to gender and sexual orientation. In employing qualitative research methods, Duran looks to examine the impact social institutions have on women of color and those in the sexual minority community.

Mentor: Dr. Danielle Slakoff

Maria Godinez-Campos

Maria Godinez is a junior at Sacramento State. Her major is Philosophy of Science and Logic. Her general interests revolve around logic, natural sciences, moral ethics, and political law. However, in research, she have gained interest in inequity/inequality in education, mental philosophy, and metaphysics of the life of our universe.

Mentor: Dr. Manuel Barrantes

Vinessa Huinac

Vinessa Huinac (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year transfer student who is majoring in Child Development with a concentration in Social & Community settings and minoring in Counseling. Her research interests include immigration, education barriers, first-generation students, and Central American issues.

Mentor: Dr. Ann Lopez

Kyle Ishaq

Kyle Ishaq is a fourth-year undergraduate student at California State University, Sacramento studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Middle East and Islamic Studies. He aspires to attend law school after graduating and would like to work in immigration law. Kyle’s research interests are racial- and gender-based disparities in the United States Criminal Justice System.

Mentor: Dr. Mercedes Valadez

Elizabeth Lévaro

Elizabeth Lévaro is a fourth-year student majoring in Criminal Justice while pursuing minors in Psychology and Chicanx/Latinx studies. She is interested in learning more about the causes and effects of racial disparities in societal institutions and hopes the mentorship program helps in broadening her knowledge.

Mentor: Prof. Jennifer Noble

Rebecca Machain

Rebecca Machain is currently a senior majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. Her research interests are education and marginalized communities. She currently holds the president position for Sacramento State's PSYC Society and is Social Work Liaison for Student InterProfessional Education Organization (SIPE). Outside of academia, Rebecca volunteers for a non-profit that supports the spouses and families of first responders.

Mentor: Dr. Megan Raschig

Stephanie Navarro

Stephanie Navarro is currently a junior (third year) at the University of California, Sacramento. Her research interest is based on the communication between humans and nonhumans. Her research will be based on finding the root to how we communicate.

Mentor: Katherine Jamieson

Yesenia Pena

Yesenia Peña is a first-generation college senior majoring in sociology with a minor in Chicanx/Latinx studies. Her interests in research revolve around immigration and social justice. She is also interested in the study of mental health and illness within the Latinx community.

Mentor: Dr. Wendi Yamashita

Diana Perez Valverde

Diana Perez Valverde is a junior at Sac State. She is double majoring in Sociology and Ethnic Studies. Her research interests primarily lie in bilingual education, first generation students in higher education and the impact of American foreign policy on migration trends.

Mentor: Dr. Heidy Sarabia

Hector Rodriguez

Hector Rodriguez is a senior, and a Chicano Studies Major at Sac State. His research interests include studying Latinos in foster care, college access & equity, and qualitative research methods.

Mentor: Dr. Maria Vargas

Jessica Romo

Jessica Romo transferred to Sacramento State in Spring 2020. She is a sociology major and currently completing her fourth year with hopes of graduating, Spring 2022. She is also part of the Center on Race, Immigration & Social Justice (CRISJ) research faculty and student mentorship program. She has been partnered with her CRISJ faculty mentor to research and re-envision the Multicultural Center.

Mentor: Dr. Rose Borunda

Ivan Villegas

Ivan Villegas (he/him/his) is a senior majoring in criminal justice with a minor in sociology. His research interests include the role and influence of states in federal immigration efforts, restorative justice as an alternative to the punitive justice system, and decolonization efforts in practice.

Mentor: Dr. Kristina Flores Victor

Rebekah Williams

Rebekah Williams is a senior at Sac State, majoring in psychology, and will be graduating in May 2022. She plans to earn her graduate degree in developmental psychology. Her research interests include social justice and education, with an emphasis on minority retention and the psychological state of undergraduate minorities.

Mentor: Dr. Elvia Ramirez