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Department of Communication Studies College of Arts & Letters

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Internships in Communication Studies

Internships are offered with the cooperation of participating community organizations for the purpose of providing new learning opportunities for students through directed observation and work activities.

Supervision of the internship is provided by both the Department of Communication Studies Internship Coordinator and representatives of the cooperating organization.

Many of the internships surfaced in Communication Studies apply to the broader College of Arts & letters as a whole. Whether in a design major, studying a language or something else, there's something for almost everyone.

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Application Process

  • Please read through the information posted prior to registering for an internship.
  • All the forms and guidelines necessary to participate are available to download from this web site.
  • After you have reviewed these forms you may contact the internship staff for additional information.
  • The academic advisors review internship requirements individually.

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Work Experience

You cannot use your current job to earn academic credit for an internship. It may be possible to obtain credit for your job through COMS 194. Such credit may not be used to fulfill the requirements of the major.

Consult the guidelines below before contacting an internship coordinator for more information regarding this opportunity.

COMS 194: Work Experience