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Who to Contact

Conact the Dean's Office at or email a staff member directly.

Christina Bellon

Associate Dean for Budget and Assessment

  • Budget and Planning
  • Assessment and Accreditation
  • College/University/Community Liaison

Melinda Wilson Ramey
Associate Dean for Students & Personnel

  • A&L Completion Degree
  • College/University/Community Liaison
  • Curriculum
  • Student Success
  • Personnel

Michele Vesely

Budget & Personnel Analyst (AA/S-E)

  • Budget
  • Workload Reports
  • Dept. Allocations
  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Substitute Faculty Forms
  • Leaves
  • Notice of Intent to Retire
  • Sabbatical/Difference-in-Pay Leave
  • Faculty Assignment Sheets
  • Faculty MPP Agreement for Additional Employment
  • Proposal Approval Form
  • HR Questions/Issues

Barbra Pushies

Communications, Outreach & Event Planning Analyst (AA/S)

  • Dean Meyer's Calendar Scheduling
  • Internal Events
  • External Arts & Letters Events
  • College Communications & Marketing
  • Community Outreach

Joseph Gallegos

Administrative Support Coordinator II

  • Primary Point of Contact
  • Student Add/Drop Petitions, Academic Standards Committee Petitions, Grade Appeal Forms
  • Travel
  • Four Winds Interactive Invoices, Direct Payment Requests, Reimbursement Requests, ProCard Statements, ProCard Request/Update Forms, Check Requests, Petty Cash Reimbursements, UEI Invoices, University Foundation Expenditure Signature Authorization, Fee Proposals for Student Fee Advisory Committee
  • Key Requests, Activity Proposals, Pedagogy Enhancement Awards Program Applications, Vehicle Operation Authorization Application, STD 261
  • College Curriculum Committee Support
  • Faculty Awards Committee Support
  • A&L Scholarships Committe Support
  • Master Timekeeper, HR Poster Notifications, Dean's Office Student Asst. Hiring/Supervision, Substitute Timesheets
  • Donations
  • College Van, Van Mileage, Voyager Invoices, Voyager Fleet Agreement
  • CARS - OnBase College Requester
  • Student Certificates - TESOL & HEALS
  • Our Promise Charitable Campaign
  • Dates to Remember, College Directory, Dean's Office Staff Responsibilities
  • Mega Rooms
  • Elections
  • Outstanding Faculty Awards

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