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Department of Theatre & Dance College of Arts & Letters

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Prospective Student Information

Four-Year Promise

The College of Arts & Letters is committed to helping students maximize their time at Sacramento State. Several designated programs in the College are now available as a “Four-Year Promise” to help students on a fast-track to graduation. Students that opt into the program follow road maps for their respective programs, guaranteeing that they fulfill the required courses in four years.

Four Year Promise

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Scholarships & Jobs

The Department of Theatre & Dance also has a number of student assistantships and work study assistantships available to qualified students.

These assistantships are available to students who work in our promotions department, scene shop, prop shop, lighting and sound shop, costume shop, makeup lab, department office or as production coordinators for our Playwrights' Theatre productions.

For information about student assistantships contact The Department Office: (916) 278-6368.

Financial Aid

The Department of Theatre & Dance offers several scholarships and financial awards each year. For details, first contact the University Financial Aid Office at (916) 278-6554.

Student Organizations

Dramatist Society

The Dramatist Society is a CSU, Sacramento Department of Theatre & Dance theatre support and appreciation club which is open to anyone with a love for theatre.

The purpose of this organization is to represent the Theatre & Dance majors and minors of Sacramento State University and serve as an outlet for the creative energy of students interested in these fields. We strive to bring unity to the Theatre & Dance Department through events and activities; sponsoring student productions; and supporting students' ideas, wants, and needs. We serve as a link between the voices of the students and faculty of the Theatre & Dance Department. Our goal is to provide every opportunity for students to become more involved in the performing arts.

Each year the Dramatist Society hosts an end of the season Sacademy Awards event during which awards for the most outstanding actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, director, original play, new comer, set design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, as well as many others, are given.

Club activities include: Theatre outings (From: San Francisco to Tahoe, Los Angeles to Ashland), concession sales for the Sac State Department of Theatre & Dance productions, hosting opening night parties for the Sac State Department of Theatre & Dance productions, supporting student (directed/acted/designed/written) productions, and active participation in the education and encouragement of grade school and high school students toward live theatre.

The Dramatist Society meets once a week in Shasta Hall Green Room. Meetings are scheduled, by the members, during the first month of each semester. For further information go to

Dramatist Society on Facebook


Dramatist Society on OrgSync

To sign up for the Dramatist Society weekly e-Newsletter send an email to

Dance Alliance at Sac State

The Dance Alliance at Sac State offers students an outlet in the form of dance and self-expression through dancing, teaching, and performance on campus and in the community.

The purpose of The Dance Alliance at Sac State is to spread the love of dance through the Sac State campus as well as the community. The Dance Alliance at Sac State provides dance classes to improve technique, host master classes on campus taught by professional companies, help fund students to attend dance conferences and help expand the dance community in Sacramento.

For more information, email or go to

Sons / Ancestors Players

This is one of the oldest African American theatre groups west of the Mississippi. It can boast many local, regional and national awards as well as being the first African American theatre group to perform at the Kennedy Center in conjunction with the American College Theatre Festival.

-- Myrtle Stephan"Sons/Ancestors represents theatre with an Afrocentric view. Not only does it provide black plays to the university students and the community, it also give students an opportunity to learn theatre from a different direction. Throughout a student's academic life, knowledge is thrust upon them from various angles, to encourage them to awaken to the calls and responsibilities of the larger community - the world - the universe and whatever there is beyond. Sometimes in the shake-up perhaps you find your basic philiosophy has been challenged to find a higher ground, or a deeper foundation. That is what happens sometmes in the quest of theatre in the African continuum presented as part of Sons/Ancestors Players."

(Actress/Director and one the founding members of Sons/Ancestors Players)

For information contact:

Black Dance Collective

The Black Dance Collective (BDC) is dance organization steeped in the rich traditions of Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, Alvin Ailey, Geoffrey Holder and other luminaries of the Black Concert Dance aesthetic. BDC provides a forum for the exploration of African-derived movement and culture within the context of American modern dance. Our mission is to perform, educate and instruct within various communities: academic, public and private collectively giving back to our society at large.



For more information: