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Department of World Languages & Literatures

College of Arts & Letters

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Minor Programs & Coursework

We currently offer six minor programs and coursework in three language areas.

Chinese Minor

Did you know that there is no Chinese equivalent to the words "yes" or "hello"? Do you know why you cannot simply translate the word "uncle" into Chinese? Just what were the Chinese "hippies" of the third century thinking, and how did Liu An manage to get his whole household, including servants, chickens, and dogs, to rise up to heaven with him when he became an immortal? Whether you know nothing about Chinese or you are of Chinese heritage, Chinese classes at Sacramento State will help you better understand not only Chinese language and culture, but also your own language and culture, and have fun along the way!

We offer a minor in Chinese, with courses in Mandarin Chinese, Classical Chinese, Chinese civilization, and pre-modern Chinese literature. When you complete your Chinese studies at Sacramento State, you will have a strong foundation in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters, an understanding of Classical Chinese from as long as 3,000 years ago, and an appreciation of the beautiful and ever changing Chinese culture. Study abroad at one of our exchange partners in Taiwan or mainland China.

 CSUS Catalog - Chinese Minor

Chinese Course Information - Fall 2019

Chinese Area Faculty

Dr. Curtis D. Smith, Program Area Head & Department Chair

Dr. Xianghua Wu, Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Lewis Robinson, Advisor

Brandenburg Gate

German Minor

Knowledge or German provides access to a culture that for more than a millennium has been central to history, economy, arts and sciences, not just Europe, but of Western civilizations. More Americans claim German ancestry than any other, and German-speaking immigrants and their descendants have had an enduring impact on the history and culture of the United States. 

German-speaking countries have some of Europe’s strongest economies and are playing an increasingly important role in world affairs. Germany is home to numerous international corporations in a wide range of industries, and a world leader in green technologies. Speaking and understanding German will deepen your knowledge of the culture and improve your employment opportunities. There are also opportunities to travel to German-speaking countries via study abroad programs offered through International Programs and Global Engagement at Sac State.

German is the language of Goethe, Kafka, the Brothers Grimm, and also of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in music, philosophy, theology or art – or business, science and engineering – German is the perfect language to learn.

The Department of World Languages & Literatures is pleased to offer a minor program as well as beginning and intermediate courses in German.

CSUS Catalog - German Minor

German Course Information - Fall 2019

German Area Faculty

Dr. Marjorie D. Wade, Program Area Head & Instructor

Maria Schroeder, Part-Time Faculty

Woman With a Mask by Lorenzo Lippi (1606-1665)

Italian Minor

The Italian minor program offers its students a strong foundation in Italian language, literature, cinema, and civilization. Students who concentrate on Italian studies may teach in secondary schools, be admitted to graduate school, work in translating and interpreting firms, or work at the national or international level for Italian firms or American firms dealing with Italy. Statistics show that Sacramento State graduates are in graduate programs, are teaching Italian, or are working in international programs, using their preparation from the Italian minor program.

CSUS Catalog - Italian Minor

Italian Course Information - Fall 2019

Italian Area Faculty

Dr. Barbara Carle, Program Area Head (on sabbatical Fall 2019)


Alba Boyer 

Lorella Silvestri - Office Hours: Monday & Tuesday 4-5:30PM

Japanese Taiko drumming on campus

Japanese Minor

A working knowledge of Japanese is increasingly becoming an important tool in the world of international business and foreign affairs. Hence, Sacramento State offers a minor program in Japanese language. Coursework in Japanese may be applied toward other specially designed minors and majors such as Asian Studies, Anthropology, Humanities and Religious Studies, International Business, and International Affairs. Students who minor in Japanese come from a variety of majors including Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Criminal Justice, Communication, Kinesiology, Graphic Design, Philosophy, History, Art, English and Asian Studies.

CSUS Catalog - Japanese Minor

Japanese Course Information - Fall 2019

Japanese Area Faculty

Dr. Kazue Masuyama, Program Area Head & Instructor

Dr. Kristina Vassil, Full-Time Instructor

Eliot Kelly, Part-Time Instructor

Group of Students

Arabic Language Coursework

Currently, we are only offering Arabic 1A & 1B* (elementary Arabic), there is no offereing for 2A & 2B.

Introduction to standard Arabic, including Arabic letters and sounds, the essentials of Arabic grammar, and basic instruction in all four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. In addition to getting a start in modern Arabic, students will also learn about social aspects of the use of Arabic.

*Fulfills Sac State Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

CSUS Catalog - Arabic Coursework

Arabic Course Information - Fall 2019

Arabic Language Faculty

Joseph Batarseh, Part-Time Faculty

Two musicians playing together

Korean Language Coursework

Currently, we are only offering Korean 1A & 1B* (elementary Korean), there is no offering for 2A & 2B.

Develops elementary spoken Korean language, reading and writing in Hangul, and the practical skills required to effectively use the modern language. The relationship between language and culture will also be emphasized. Includes an emphasis on the culture, customs, and traditions of Korea.

*Fulfills Sac State Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

CSUS Catalog - Korean Coursework

Korean Coursework Information

Korean Language Faculty

Dr. Heeju Han, Part-Time Faculty

Punjabi Language Coursework

Currently, we are only offering Punjabi 1A & 1B* (elementary Punjabi), there is no offering for 2A & 2B.

Introduction to Punjabi as spoken in India and Pakistan. Instruction will be in all four language skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. In addition to getting a start in modern Punjabi, students will also learn about social aspects of the use of Punjabi.

*Fulfills Sac State Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

CSUS Catalog - Punjabi Coursework

Punjabi Coursework - Fall 2019

Punjabi Langauge Faculty

Dr. Amrik Singh, Part-Time Faculty