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Annual Film Festival

The Annual COB Film Festival has become a part of tradition in the College of Business for almost a decade. This event is organized every Fall semester to feature the film-projects produced by senior students in a special topics Human Resource Management class on Leading with Emotional Intelligence, where they create 8-minute comedy-films to integrate leadership theories with emotional intelligence concepts based on a theoretical question assigned to them and explore emotions such as love, anger, loneliness, joy, envy, and courage.

The film festival sessions, which are sponsored by the COB Dean’s Office, provide a unique opportunity to bring academics, artists, business executives, as well as our students, to lead a forum about how organizations can gain from emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors. A jury panel including professors, project alumni, and executives provide feedback for and score each film to determine the recipient of the “Best Film Award”.

Watch the Ninth Annual COB Film Festival

CBA Film Festival

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