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Student Investment Fund

The College of Business (COB) Student Investment Fund (SIF) program was launched in the
Fall 2010 semester based on the $250,000 investment fund allocated to the COB by University
Enterprises Incorporated (UEI). As stated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between
UEI and COB, the SIF program “allows students from the College of Business, with faculty oversight,
the opportunity to:

  1. analyze and manage an investment portfolio,
  2. research and recommend portfolio holdings,
  3. analyze economic conditions,
  4. maintain accounts and records necessary for an investment portfolio, and
  5. perform these functions in the context of a unique educational opportunity that will help
    students better understand financial markets.”
“It should be recognized that in order to achieve the return objectives risk taking will be inevitable.
SIF risk taking policy, consistent with the modern portfolio management theory, is that risk cannot
be eliminated, but should be managed efficiently and prudently, consistent with the level of return
expectations. SIF will strive to maximize the rates of return while managing the volatility of the
returns and minimizing the risk of large losses through extensive and prudent diversification.”
Specifically, “the return target is to provide a total return in excess of 0.5% above the S&P 500”
and “risk is to stay in line with that of the S&P 500.”
SIF participants provide written reports to UEI on both a semester and annual basis and make
annual presentation to the UEI Board of Directors or Investment Committee.

Investment Philosophy

The objective of the SIF is to “achieve long term appreciation of capital by applying both active and
passive strategies when selecting investments. The overall objective is to maximize rates of return
within reasonable and prudent levels of risk through extensive diversification.”
“The investment philosophy of the SIF is to create a management process with sufficient flexibility
to capture investment opportunities and at the same time maintain risk and diversification at reasonable
levels to ensure prudence and care in the execution of investment program.”

About the Course

The FIN160/MBA299A - Student Investment Fund Management course provides the vehicle and
context (see item #5 above) for students to participate in the SIF program. This 3-credit hour
course counts towards your elective requirements in all Finance Tracks (General Finance, Risk
Management, Real Estate, and Financial Planning)1. The only pre-requiste is a B- or better in
FIN135 for undergraduate students or MBA220 or equivalent for MBA students.

Undergraduate Fall 2021 registration is open April 26-May 14, June 1-11, and August 9-26.
MBA students can be added at any time - see instructions at the bottom of this page.

1Although the school website shows FIN160 under the General Finance Track only, the Finance, Insurance, and Real
Estate Department approved FIN160 as a substitute elective course for all tracks. For other concentrations such as
Accounting, check with the undergraduate advising center regarding application towards elective requirements. Or, just
take the class for fun if you earned a B- or better in FIN135!

In the course we walk through the full spectrum of fund management: compliance, accounting,
performance measurement, security analysis, portfolio formation, and reporting. Employers across
California and the nation are well aware of the experience students gain in Student Investment Fund
(SIF) programs. SIF experience bolsters a resume and will definitely come up during job interviews.
I spoke with an alum just this past weekend and he noted how SIF has been a springboard for
himself and many other Sac State Students.

Not all universities offer a Student Investment Fund program - but we do (#StingersUp #HornetsSwarm)!
Furthermore, not all universities have a Bloomberg Terminal - and we have 12. The SIF portfolio
started with $250,000 in 2010 and is currently $970,000+ as of July 8, 2021. That’s right, approaching
one million dollars. If I were a student, I would certainly like to add something like “Member of a team
managing a $1,000,000 portfolio for the university” on my resume. I highly encourage you consider
enrolling in FIN160 to build on your finance knowledge and make yourself more competitive in
today’s job market.

Time & Location

See the syllabus for the FIN160/MBA299A course.

How to Register for the Course

Undergraduate students: You can register for FIN160 like you do for any other class.

MBA students: See “SIF Signup Instructions for MBA Students Only” at the bottom of this page.

In either case, also send an email to me ( to let me know how it goes.


Dr. David J. Moore
Faculty Advisor to the SIF
Associate Professor of Finance
California State University, Sacramento
COB, Tahoe Hall 2117
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6088
phone: (916) 278-6614