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The College of Business Virtual Pitch Competition

The Process:

The Resources:

The Guidelines:

  • Each pitcher or pitching team will give an oral pitch for their idea or business venture
  • Each pitcher or pitching team will have 0 minutes to pitch their business ideas and 5.0 minutes for the judges to ask questions. The panel will be strict on time!
  • The pitchers should focus on the following:
    • Information about the problem/opportunity
    • Product/service information and how it will solve the problem or take advantage of the opportunity
    • Do you or your team have the ability (or expertise), skills, and passion to implement this business, nonprofit or produce the product or service
    • Who will buy it (target market) & why; and The market and its size
    • Price of the product/service, cost to produce it (revenue or business model)
    • Competition and competitive advantage
    • Communicating your idea clearly and be concise and effective when answer judges’ questions
  • You will be contacted through email regarding your pitch results and feedback.
CBA Pitch Competition Description
CBA Pitch Guidelines
CBA Pitch Rubric