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Internships & Job Board

The information below pertains only to internships where a declared business major earns academic credit for an approved internship experience. Expressed Interest business students are not eligible for an academic internship. At any time, any business student is allowed to, and encouraged, to complete internships without receiving academic credit.

Note: Academic credit earned for an academic internship in the COB will always be 3.0 units and graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. These credits do not satisfy any major, core or elective credit requirements – they are additional credits.

Student Instructions

The Process

  1. Students should download the COB Steps to Apply for a COB Academic Internship
  2. For students ready to apply, download the COB Student Internship Application
  3. Download the Faculty Recommendation Form

Once an Academic Internship is approved (based on student eligibility and an approved site), the COB Office of Student Engagement will enroll the student in the appropriate internship course and facilitate all necessary steps in the Academic Internship process. Students must find a full-time faculty member to serve as their Faculty Sponsor.

Summer Academic Internship Information

Please download the COB Summer Academic Internships Information. This will guide you through the steps and deadlines to apply to complete an Academic Internship in Business during the summer school session.

Business Job Board

The Business Job Board posts internship/co-op, part-time, and full-time positions approved by the College of Business.


  • The Business Job Board allows you to search and view positions by several different search features and it also allows you to set up job alerts so you can stay informed about the types of opportunities you are most interested in seeing.
  • You can also view employer profiles to learn about them, and follow links to their websites for further information or to research before an interview.
  • You can also apply to the job/internship directly through the Business Job Board.
  • Employers post new positions on a regular basis, so be sure to visit the site often to see new opportunities.


  • The Business Job Board allows you to post, modify, close and/or reopen positions that you would like to announce to currently enrolled business students at Sacramento State. Once you create an employer profile and we activate your account, you will be able to log in and post internship and job opportunities for Sac State Business Students.
  • Once your position is posted, you will receive an electronic confirmation, and your position will be listed on our website. Students will be able to apply through the job board and you will be able to monitor and track applicants who are in your hiring pipeline.
  • Visit the Business Job Board and start by creating an employer account and then post as many positions as you have available. You can log back in at any time with the user-name and password you will select.

Internship Sources

Information for Employers

Effective Fall 2019, the university requires that all internship site locations where a student engages in an Academic Internship have an Academic Internship/Service Learning Agreement between the University and the Community Partner/Employer already established. This agreement must be approved by both the university and the employer and be on file with the university prior to students engaging in an academic internship.

View the Community Partner List for approved Community Partner/Employer internship sites.

Site Approval Process

To request a site approval, download the COB Academic Internship Site Request form. Once completed, the form should be given to the CBA Office of Student Engagement, Tahoe Hall 1030 or emailed to

For Term Deadline to Submit
Spring (Jan-May) the prior November 1
Summer (May-Aug) the prior March 1
Fall (Aug-Dec) the prior April 1