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About the Outstanding Student Awards

Each year the CBA recognizes and awards Outstanding Student Awards to both undergraduate and graduate students. Eligible students are notified by email from the Office of Student Engagement; this happens in January and this serves as an invitation to apply for these awards.

CBA Outstanding Student Awards are open only to those who receive a letter of invitation. All students meeting minimum criteria may apply for Dean’s Awards consideration.

CBA Outstanding Student Award

photo of a student award recipient holding a certificate

Undergraduate Student Awards:

  • Outstanding Junior
  • Outstanding Senior

Graduate/Masters Degree Student Awards:

  • Outstanding MBA Student
  • Outstanding EMBA Student
  • Outstanding IMBA Student
  • Outstanding MS/Accountancy Student

CBA Dean’s Award

Photo of student holding a certificate

Each spring semester, the university hosts an award process for a Dean’s Award from each academic college. Students with:

  1. with high academic standing,
  2. who have a graduation date during that current academic year (Fall, Spring or Summer) and
  3. who will be graduating with honors,

are invited to apply for this prestigious award. Applicants are judged not only on their excellent academic achievements, but also by their contributions to the campus and community and obstacles faced and overcome on their path to a college degree. One student is selected from all College Dean's Award recipient to receive the campus-wide President’s Medal for that academic year.