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Business Pathways Networking Event

Expand your Networks. Engage Professionally. Be Career Ready.

Business Pathways is a professional development and networking event that takes place each spring semester, in the first week of March. You are highly encouraged to attend and participate in this event, and include it on your resume as a career readiness and professional development experience.

Participating in this event provides you access to over 50 industry professionals who are excited to share insights about their experience, the region and their industry. Many of these professionals are alumni who can help show you how to best prepare for a successful career in business.

While this is not a career fair, over the years this event has resulted in excellent connections that have led to internships and full-time jobs.

Students are expected to dress in professional attire and pre-register for this event.

Event Overview

The Business Pathways Networking Event takes place each year in Spring semester during the first week of March.

It is a mini business conference for business students preparing to make the transition from campus to career. It is a networking and industry information experience for business students, employers and professional associations affiliated with the business community.

Business Pathways Networking Event has three components:

  1. Keynote and Lunch: We open with a keynote speaker from the local Sacramento region to provide insights and advice on current topics relevant to students preparing for a successful career in business. This takes place while students and industry professionals are enjoying a full catered lunch.
  2. Round table industry discussions: Following the keynote and lunch are two round table discussion sessions where students and professionals are given the rare opportunity to sit down for candid and helpful conversations. During the roundtable sessions, we ask professionals to represent their industry, providing relevant advice and information.
  3. Networking Fair: The event concludes with a Networking Fair, giving student participants the opportunity to get to know each company in more detail. Recruiting is always welcome but not a required component for company participation as the primary importance is placed on providing an opportunity for students to engage in professional networking.
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Rising Student Networking Scholarship

To emphasize the importance of networking in the Business student expericene, each year we provide a scholarship, up to $500, for one student who participates in this event. Students are invited to apply for the scholarship, which is presented to the recipient during the event. To apply for the scholarship, students need to provide the following items:

  1. Unofficial Transcript
  2. Resume
  3. Essay:
    • Describe your understanding of the importance of networking in both your personal and professional life.
    • What steps have you taken so far that shows you understand the importance of networking?
    • What are your life and career goals after graduation?
    • How does engagement in your classes and campus/community activities correspond and contribute to strong networking skills? Provide an example.
    • What is one strategy you have tried, or currently use, to build an effective and strong network?

Employer Information

Share your Expertise. Support our Students. Meet New Talent.

Employers and professional organizations are encouraged to participate and support this event each year. We look to you to support this event as professionals who can provide mentoring, insight and networking opportunities for our business students. Business Pathways is designed as a career readiness and professional development event; as such it is not necessary to be in an active recruiting phase but if you are recruiting this is an excellent way to meet the talent you are looking for.

Company sponsorship are requested to present this event to our students at no cost; additionally, participating companies are invited to provide door prizes to be awarded during the event.

If you are interested in participating as a company/professional association, etc, please complete our Business Pathway Networking Interest Form and the Office of Student Engagement will reach out to you.

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