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About California Reading & Literature Project

About CRLP

The mission of the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is to provide high quality, standards-based professional development in Reading and Language-Arts instruction to help ensure that every California student K-12 achieves the highest standards of academic performance. We are committed to supporting teachers who serve large populations of English learners and low-income students.

CRLP collaborates with partnership districts to support and sustain continuous improvement, including the implementation of State Board adopted instructional materials, Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), and the Common Core State Standards.

California Reading & Literature Project Sacramento Region

Building and sustaining partnerships with local school districts is a priority of CRLP. The overall vision of the Sacramento Regional Office is focused on involving a critical mass of participants as part of a comprehensive long-term site or district improvement plan for student achievement. Our goal is to involve key stakeholders at the district, site, or grade level, because of the central role they can play in school change when they receive sufficient training and support. We recognize follow-up as critical in providing this support and in developing long-term partnerships, and this has guided the region in focusing, narrowing, and making decisions about our scope of work in order to maximize our level of effectiveness.

CRLP Signature Programs and English Learners

CRLP has a longstanding tradition of providing professional development that helps teachers meet the needs of English learners. Both K-6 RALLI and 7-12 CALL support the development of content area language and literacy development for all students in every content area. They each provide practical and research-based routines that make challenging academic text relevant, comprehensible and accessible to all students, with a particular emphasis on English language learners.

CALL: Content Area Language and Literacy for Middle and High Schools

RALLI: Results Language and Literacy K-6 (Implementation of the Common Core State Standards)


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