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LatinX Trailblazer Award: Anya-Jael Woods


Anya-Jael Woods wins 2022 LatinX Trailblazer Award

Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program student, Anya-Jael (Anya) Woods, has been awarded the LatinX Trailblazer Award for 2022.

What does it mean to you to be a Latinx Trailblazer?

This means that I have continued the work of my grandmother. I grew up watching her work hard to care for her family and many others. She took the risk to travel back across the border many times to brig over other families in a safe way and helped them on a pathway to citizenship. She fed them, she let them sleep soundly. She never wanted to anything in return. She built relationships in the community so strong that even when she was not in the room things could happen for OTHERS opportunities were presented for OTHERS, because she opened that door or cleared that path. That’s what it means to me and I am so proud to the granddaughter of Louise Price.

How do you define transformative leadership?

Transformative leadership is about how you positively impact or improve the options for opportunities for those around you. Having the ability to transform a person’s lens, space, attitude, path, whatever it is because you crossed paths with the. Being able to see enough of the big picture to know where I need to remove barriers and stay 2 steps ahead but not becoming so far removed from people and community that you are not welcome in the trenches with them.

What experiences in your life have put you on this path?

Honestly, God. God brought me through every situation I have ever been in and showed me so much grace. There is no other option than to give back and serve. Also, I think it was just the people that God put in my path every step of the way. There is no Anya-Jael Woods without all the people who showed up on my path, who cared for me, showed me service and grace, and love. Its not the titles, or jobs, or degrees, it’s the people.

Where do you see yourself in the future, and how will achieving your Ed.

I see myself still serving and loving on my family, my people, my community. Obtaining my Ed.D is another way to arm myself to serve at a higher level and to continue to be in this “fight” for justice, education and equity. On a personal level, education is my tool to own. No one can take that from me.