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Outstanding Faculty Awards

The Outstanding Faculty Awards, established by the Academic Senate in 1992, are presented in recognition of the importance of teaching and the role of the faculty in the shared governance of our University. The Awards commend the superior accomplishments of faculty and acknowledge our sense of community and faculty commitment to excellence in the life of our University and community.

Recipients of these awards are recognized for having positively affected the life of the University through their teaching, service, or scholarly and creative activities, displaying consistent and engaging collegiality and a strong commitment to students throughout their career at California State University, Sacramento.

2023-2024 Recipients


Julia Ribeiro - Undergraduate Studies

All 2023-2024 Teaching Award Recipients

Scholarly and Creative Activity

Alma Flores - Undergraduate Studies

All 2022-2023 Scholarly and Creative Activity Award Recipients

University Service

Bita Rivas - Graduate and Professional Studies

All 2023-2024 University Service Award Recipients

Community Service

Araceli Feliz

All 2023-2024 Community Service Award Recipients

COE Teaching Award Recipients

The Award affirms the importance of teaching in the life of the faculty and recognizes and honors outstanding teachers for their teaching effectiveness and their impact on the lives of their students

Year Name Department
2022-2023 Shannon Pella TC
2021-2022  Sarah Jouganatos  GPSE
2020-2021  Patrick Pieng  UGSE
2019-2020  Jessica Martinez  UGSE
2018-2019  Lisa William  GPSE
2017-2018  Sarah Ives  UGSE
2016-2017  Al Levin  GPSE
2015-2016  William Vicars  UGSE

COE Scholarly & Creative Activity Award Recipients

The Award reflects the importance of scholarship and discipline-related works in the life and role of the faculty and recognizes and honors outstanding researchers, writers, artists and those who have made significant contributions to their respective fields.

Year Name Department
2022-2023 Corinne Lardy TC
2021-2022  Sue Hobbs   UGSE
2020-2021  Kathleen Gee  TC
2019-2020  Meagan O’Malley  GPSE
2018-2019  Melissa Holland  GPSE
2017-2018  Lisa Romero  EDD
2016-2017  Porfirio Loeza  GPSE
2015-2016  Carlos Nevarez  EDD

COE University Service Award Recipients

The Award affirms the importance of faculty participation in the governance of the University, recognizes and honors faculty for their outstanding contributions as members of committees, as chairs of committees, for their efforts in curriculum development and advising or special assignments at the department, college and university level.

Year Name Department
2022-2023 Chia-Jung Chung TC
2021-2022  Kevin Ferreira van Leer  UGSE
2020-2021  Kristen Alexander  UGSE
2019-2020  Jean Gonsier-Gerdin  TC 
2018-2019  Albert Lozano  GPSE
2017-2018  Stephanie Biagetti  TC
2016-2017  None  
2015-2016  Ana Garcia-Nevarez  UGSE

COE Community Service Award Recipients

The Award recognizes and highlights the important connection between the University’s mission and the faculty’s application of knowledge and skills in addressing community needs. The accomplishments of these honorees are representative of the service undertaken by many of our faculty through their active engagement throughout the Sacramento region and the contributions they make in adding to the public good.

Year Name Department
2022-2023 Dale Allender & Aaminah Norris (Collaborative Award) TC
2021-2022  Cindy Collado  TC
2020-2021  Lisa Cantrell  UGSE
2019-2020  Margarita Berta-Avila  TC
2018-2019  Rose Borunda  GPSE 
2017-2018  EunMi Cho  TC
2016-2017  None   
2015-2016  Susan Heredia  GPSE