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MA in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies College of Education

About MA in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

About This Program

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies seeks to prepare transformational leaders with the capacity to effectively facilitate and manage change. The mission of the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies graduate degree program is to develop educational leaders who will effectively lead and improve TK-12, higher education and workforce development education systems. Our program aims to prepare school leaders who possess the following core qualities and characteristics:

  • Be visionary change agents
  • Lead for equity
  • Create collaborative learning communities
  • Engage in reflective practice
  • Be socially just leaders
  • Lead for inclusiveness
  • Implement research-based and site-based best practices
  • Be instructional leaders

EDLP Pathways Explained

All about the EDLP Program

Where Our Graduates are Now

Past graduates of our programs successfully serve in a broad variety of leadership roles within the educational systems (such as vice principal, principal, superintendent, director, instructional leader, student services, California Department of Education leadership, higher education leaders, upper-level management/administration in community colleges and universities, etc.). In addition, upon completion of our program, several of our graduates have chosen to pursue doctoral-level studies in Educational Leadership at various universities including California State University, Sacramento.

EDLP, and the College of Education, demonstrates an active and explicit commitment to social justice. In addition to the substantial rates of diversity represented in among current students and graduates – over an average of 75 – 80% students of diverse ethnic, gender and social backgrounds in each cohort, EDLP maintains its tradition of seeking to increase and elevate leaders of color in all aspects of the education system in the US.

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