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Graduation Awards Dean's Award & Outstanding Graduate Student

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Graduation Awards

Each year the College of Education recognizes two outstanding graduate awards, for their excellence in academic performance, commitment to the community, and passion in the field of education.

The Dean's Award is given annually to an undergraduate student graduating with honors. Faculty from the College of Education recommends top graduates and the winner is then interviewed by the University President for a chance to be awarded the President's Medal.

The Outstanding Graduate Student is awarded annually by the College of Education. Faculty recommend top graduates who are then interviewed by the SSOAR committee. This award recognizes a graduate student that best represents the mission, principles, and values of our College.

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2022 Dean's Awardee

Photo of Dean's Award winner

Josue Vasquez

Mr. Vasquez will graduate this spring with a 4.0 GPA as a Career and Technical Studies major. As the first in his family to earn a college degree and the child of a single parent, Mr. Vasquez worked hard to excel academically and professionally while working to support his family. Mr. Vasquez has worked to support technology in high school classrooms since 1999, where he noticed that even though advanced computer classes were being offered, only White affluent students were taking advantage of these courses. From this experience, Mr. Vasquez became passionate about supporting underserved children who have very little resources, like he was growing up, to gain basic computational skills which will prepare them for more advanced skills and their future careers. He indicated that he believes that providing students with these important skills is necessary for breaking the cycle of poverty. Toward this goal, Mr. Vasquez has earned a Career Technical Education teaching credential, and has taught computer science CTE courses at the high school level. After graduation, Mr. Vasquez plans to continue his work teaching CTE classes to high school students and will begin to teach at the junior college level. He also has plans to enter a Masters program to continue his education.

Josue Vasquez represents some of the best aspects of our diverse and dedicated undergraduate student body. We honor him with the College of Education Dean's Award.

2022 Outstanding Graduate Student

Photo of Outstanding Graduate student

Aisha Engle

Ms. Engle, a true “made at Sac State” student, embodies the College of Education’s values diversity, equity and inclusion, by aligning her professional work and scholarship toward examining the intersectionality of marginalized roles and academia. A self-described “little feminist who could”, Ms. Engle is a woman of color, single mother, who believes that “education liberates” and has fought her way to overcome many challenges and life circumstances to be where she is today. Ms. Engle is proud to be a “steward of work” on campus and serves as the coordinator of the Women’s Resource Center. Although Ms. Engle has earned several awards on campus, including the Woman of Influence Award, the Black Hornets Award, and the Multicultural Center’s All People’s Recognition Award, it is the small awards and recognitions that matter to her. That is, she values the small, yet meaningful interactions with students where she can serve as a “beacon of hope” by “promoting self-agency”, thereby letting them know they matter, and they belong.

Maya Angelou conveyed this beautiful mindset, “ We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” this quote has informed my foundation of growth and evolution. Thank you for the honor to illuminate the transformation in intellect and scholarship that I have had at Sacramento State through the College of Education. I have emerged from the academic cocoon as a Made At Sac State butterfly on the rise. ~ Aisha Engle