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Supplementary Authorizations

Holders of valid basic teaching credentials may obtain additional instructional authorizations. For future, or current or credentialed teachers, our office will evaluate your transcripts for both supplementary authorizations and subject matter authorizations.

Please contact the Credentials Office at 278-4567.

Bilingual Authorization

For advsing on Bilingual Authorization, please see Karina Figueroa-Ramirez

The Bilingual Authorization can be added to the Single Subject, Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credentials and requires:

  • 3 units in a Cultural Diversity course (ETHN 100 Ethnic America or equivalent)
  • 3 units in a Race/Ethnicity course (Ethnic Studies courses or equivalents with focus on population of emphasis: Hmong or Spanish)
  • 60 hours of involvement in the target community, Hmong or Spanish
    • Paid or unpaid experience, grade level preferred credential is pursued in
  • Language examination in Hmong or Spanish
    • Hmong CSET – Subtest II
    • Spanish CSET – Subtest III
  • Pre-requisite Course Requirements
    • EDUC 170 Introduction to Educating English Language Learners
      (Lecture & 10 hours tutoring an EL student)
    • EDUC 100A/B Education of Students w/ Disabilities in Inclusive
      Settings (Lecture & 30 hours fieldwork students with special needs)
    • HLSC 136 School Health Ed
    • KINS 172 Elementary PE Methods (Workshop can be completed during the program) *Required for Multiple Subjects candidates only
  • Competency in Linguistic Bilingual Methodology
    • EDUC 175 Pedagogy and Academic Language Skills in Spanish for Bilingual Educators (Must be taken during credentialing program) or
    • EDUC 172 Introduction to Hmong Literacy
      Competency in English Language Development/Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (ELD/SDAIE) (Can be taken before credentialing program)