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Pathways to teaching credentials at Sacramento State

Pathways Flyer

What do you want to teach?

  • Elementary School: Earn a Multiple subject credential
  • High School or Middle School: Earn a Single Subject credential in Art, English, World Languages, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Math, Social Science, Home Economics, Health Science
  • Special Education: Earn an Education Specialist Credential with a focus on Mild to Moderate Support Needs, Extensive Support Needs, Early Childhood Special Education

Do you want to complete a Master’s in Teaching simultaneously?

  • All credential programs now have an MAT option. You are automatically admitted to the MAT program upon admission to the Credential program.
  • You may opt out of the MAT program after you complete the credential
  • MAT work is completed during your first year of teaching

On Track to Teaching (OTT) program

This pathway is for any major

  1. Complete your major and GE requirements;
  2. In Spring semester, apply for credential program to begin the following Fall semester;
  3. Apply credential program units toward your 120 required BA/BS units.
  4. In most majors, you can complete the major and GE/GR requirements in three years, complete the credentials program in the fourth year. At the end of the fourth year, you may have a degree and teaching credential.
  • Bachelor's Degree (~3 years)
  • Teaching Credential (1 year)
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (2 semesters)

Are you eligible for OTT Pathway?

  • Be on track to complete at least 75 units and all major and GE/GR requirements by end of Spring/Summer
  • Meet Basic Skills Requirement (e.g. CBEST, SAT, ACT)
  • Complete three pre-requisite courses (Summer options are available)
  • See an advisor in the College of Education Student Success Center (Eureka 401) for specialized advising information

How long does it take?

Traditionally, Credential programs take two semesters after you complete your Bachelor’s degree.

  • Bachelor's Degree (4 years)
  • Teaching Credential (1 year)
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (2 semesters)

However, the College of Education has developed two On Track to Teaching (OTT) pathways below, in which you can:

  • Begin the Credential program before the BA/BS is granted (less than 120 units completed)
  • Apply credential course units toward the 120 BA/BS elective units.