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Sustainable Technologies Optimization Research Center

The Sustainable Technologies Optimization Research Cooperative (STORC) is a research facility located on the California State University, Sacramento campus managed by the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Research at the STORC uses engineering and science to evaluate new ideas and approaches of sustainable technology to solve environmental and infrastructure problems. It is open to all faculty and students interested in pursuing viable research projects in the general area of sustainable technologies.

Contact Us

Department of Civil Engineering

Riverside Hall - Room 4024

Phone: (916) 278-6982

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Riverside Hall - Room 4024

Phone: (916) 278-6624

clean energy research with biomass-powered generator

Clean Energy Gasifier

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Industry-Sponsored Research
  • Student-Centric Projects
  • Community-Centric Demonstrations
concrete durability research goals

Concrete Durability Research

Department of Civil Engineering


  • Advance knowledge of destructive mechanisms
  • Develop solutions to prevent concrete deterioration in critical infrastructure
  • increase sustainability of cement materials
  • only outdoor concrete exposure lab in Northern California