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ECS Scholarship Recipients

Every year, the College of Engineering & Computer Science, through its alumni, community, and industry partners, offers scholarships to support its students. This academic year, over 100 students received at least one of the scholarships disbursed through the Financial Aid Office, totaling more than $150,000.

About one-third of ECS students demonstrate exceptional financial need and are eligible for federal grants and other financial aid, but we can do more. If you are able to donate to an existing scholarship, please visit our college development page.

If you wish to start a new scholarship or help the college in other ways, please contact the ECS Dean's Office our Development Office at or (916) 278-6366. Thank you for your support.

Congratulations From President Nelsen

2023/2024 Academic Year Scholarships

A.O.E. Minority Student Investment Fund Scholarship

Nnaemeka Onyeokoro, Computer Science, $500.00

Edgar Sandoval, Computer Science, $500.00

Olei Amelie Mae Ngan, Computer Science, $500.00

Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation Engineering and Computer Science Scholarship

Matthew Christiansen, Computer Science, $500.00

Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Jorge Magana, Mechanical Engineering, $500.00

Emily Ferreira, Mechanical Engineering, $500.00

Osikpemi Agbomekhe, Mechanical Engineering, $500.00

Jacob Lugtu, Mechanical Engineering, $500.00

Saar Medvedovsky Mazor, Mechanical Engineering, $500.00

American Society of Professional Estimators Book Scholarship

Adam Gong, Construction Management, $1,000.00

Fernando Gonzalez, Construction Management, $1,000.00

Adam Petersen, Construction Management, $1,000.00

Colby Christierson, Construction Management, $1,000.00

AT&T MEP Honors

Tristan Dinh, MESA Program, $2,000.00

Bergquam Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Erkin Yucel, Mechanical Engineering, $300.00

Calvin Gregory Feder Memorial Scholarship

Isboset Bautista Librado, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Sorea Asmai, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Mohamed Ahmed, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Phillip Harris, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Carson Family Construction Endowment

Joel Gonzalez, Construction Management, $2,871.00

CEPIAC Freshman Scholarship

Aaishah Al Haidari, Civil Engineering, $500.00

Amrit Brar, Civil Engineering, $500.00

Andrew De La Cruz, Civil Engineering, $500.00

Daniel Dow Jones Memorial Scholarship

Cathy Khong, Computer Science, $1,400.00

Jay Pandit, Computer Science, $700.00

David Higgins Memorial Scholarship

Madison Damman, Civil Engineering, $250.00

Dean's Outstanding Scholar Award in Engineering & Computer Science

Shamal Kumar, Computer Science, $491.00

Dr. Anne-Louise Radimsky Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science

Prachi Prachi, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Elliott Family Foundation Scholarship Fund for Constrction Management

Bernard Omiple, Construction Management, $3,707.00

Diego Menard, Construction Management, $3,707.00

Sarah Urrea, Construction Management, $3,707.00

Jacob Harbert, Construction Management, $3,707.00

Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship

Abdul Karim Nushin, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Engineering General Scholarship for CSUS

Josue Garcia, Computer Science, $1,500.00

Samuel Caballero, Computer Science, $1,500.00

Environmental Engineering/Water Resources Graduate Scholarship

Jose Perez, Civil Engineering, $1,000.00

Evelyn and Joseph Fallon ECS Scholarship

Megan Waishwile, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, $5,000.00

Floyd E. LeCureux Memorial Scholarship

Fernando Mendoza, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Genaro Padilla Memorial Scholarship

Kennedy Maravilla, Computer Science, $2,000.00

Marco Murillo, Computer Science, $2,000.00

Johnathan Frederes, Computer Science, $2,000.00

Gabriel Mc Kenna, Computer Science, $2,000.00

Andres Salazar, Computer Science, $2,000.00

George M. Webb and Helena M. Webb Endowment

Isboset Bautista Librado, Computer Science, $2,500.00

Henry T. Roche Memorial Scholarship

David Tsakke, Computer Science, $500.00

Intel Underrepresented CSUS Student Scholarship

Heamandeep Kaur, College of Engineering & Computer Science, $2,000.00

Avneet Singh, College of Engineering & Computer Science, $2,000.00

Interwest Insurance Services Construction Practice Group (IWCPG) Endowed Scholarship

Roberto Silva, Construction Management, $1,000.00

James C. Hathaway

Chamberlain Hinkley, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, $5,742.00

Janaki Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science

Octavio Hernandez, Computer Science, $2,000.00

Amir Talakoob, Computer Science, $2,000.00

Javed T. Siddiqui and Amna J. Siddiqui Scholarship

Manjot Dhugga, Civil Engineering, $2,000.00

John Minor Gwynn, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Nguyen, Computer Science, $500.00

John P. Thomas Family Endowed Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

Dominick De Leon, Mechanical Engineering, $4,369.00

Khang Ho, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Oleg Korotchenko, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Suaese Utu, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Ashley Rice, Mechanical Engineering, $4,369.00

Salma Silva, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Marius Santos, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Jusiah Hermon, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Adamari Guerrero, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Lidia Belousova, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

James Huang, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Dalton Hall, Mechanical Engineering, $8,738.00

Kenneth Duncan Memorial

Bryan Hernandez Rincon, Construction Management, $500.00

MEP Alumni Scholarship

Eric Delgado Madrigal, MESA Program, $500.00

Ruben Ortega, MESA Program, $500.00

Isaac Beas, MESA Program, $500.00

Lizette Hernandez, MESA Program, $500.00

Rachman Mappanganro, MESA Program, $500.00

MEP Honors Partnership

Joel Magana, MESA Program, $2,500.00

Rahil Kumar, MESA Program, $2,500.00

Mr. Radhakrishnan Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science

Giselle Ortiz Gutierrez, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Mrs. Soundram Srivatsa Memorial Scholarship

Garima Sharma, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Que Andrada Foundation Scholarship

Dante Rodriguez, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Ralph "Bud" Rogers Scholarship

Lizbeth Rodriguez Topete, Construction Management, $500.00

Richard A. Nickles Scholarship

Andre Salazar, Construction Management, $1,700.00

Ronald Smith Memorial Scholarship

Judy Magana, Civil Engineering, $700.00

Christian James Raganit, Civil Engineering, $700.00

Aissatou Fall, Civil Engineering, $700.00

Rorie Family Scholarship in Computer Science

Prachi Prachi, Computer Science, $1,000.00

Ross F. Carroll Scholarship

Adam Gong, Construction Management, $500.00

Fernando Gonzalez, Construction Management, $500.00

Adam Petersen, Construction Management, $500.00

SMUD Powering Hornets Scholarship

Joshua De Gruccio, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, $2,500.00

Teichert Foundation Scholarship

Adrian Petrisor, Construction Management, $1,000.00

The Beavers' Charitable Trust Endowment

Andre Salazar, Construction Management, $2,000.00

Emanol Jimenez Cruz, Construction Management, $2,000.00

Lee Moser, Construction Management, $2,000.00

Eric Rodriguez, Construction Management, $2,000.00

Thomas Richards Memorial Scholarship

Zia Yusufzai, Civil Engineering, $600.00

Travis W. Smith

Tyler Sylvester, Civil Engineering, $500.00

Keagan Miller, Civil Engineering, $500.00

Wood Rogers, Inc Civil Engineering Scholarship

Madison Damman, Civil Engineering, $2,500.00

Manaal Chowdhury, Civil Engineering, $2,500.00