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ECS Advising

The College of Engineering and Computer Science's (ECS) Advising, Counseling, and Tutoring (ACT) Office is dedicated to engaging with students to improve student success and enhance each student’s academic and career aspirations through meaningful, customized advising services. The ACT Office improves the student experience by facilitating access to needed resources and expands student opportunities to achieve academic success.

Academic Advisors
Faculty Partners
Advising Services Appointment Options How To Make An Appointment Mandatory Advising

Academic Advisors

Name Type of Advisor Email Phone Number
Dr. Danielle Clark Graduation & Retention Coordinator  (916) 278-6499
Ryan Gorsiski Academic Advisor  (916) 278-2685
Alisa Patterson Academic Advisor  (916) 278-4575

Faculty Partners

Name Type of Partner Email
Dr. Julie Fogarty Faculty Fellow: CE 
Dr. Praveen Meduri Faculty Fellow: CPE 
Marcus Romani Faculty Fellow: ME  
Patrick Homen DEGREES Advisor 

Advising Services

The ACT Office offers and staff can provide assistance with the following advising-related topics:

  • General Education & Graduation Requirements (GE/GR)
  • Lower-division major/pre-major advising
  • Questions about ECS Advising Center Hold
  • Course planning via Smart Planner
  • Interpretation of University academic policies
  • Referrals to other campus resources.
  • Assist with transferring from Community Colleges and attending Summer Semester.

Appointment Options

The ACT offers two options for meeting with one of their academic advisors: Drop-in or Schedule Appointments. Each option provides the student with a way to take charge of their educational trajectory.

Drop-in Appointments are typically 15 minutes long and cater to surface level inquires, such as:

  • Follow-up from a recent, prior appointment (with the same advisor).
  • Campus and Success Center resources
  • Questions regarding transfer and summer school

Scheduled Appointments are, on average, 30-minute sessions that focus on more complex inquiries such as:

  • General Education or Graduation Requirements
  • Keys to Degree: Smart Planner, Sac State Scheduler, Academic Requirements.
  • Questions on academic standing (repeats, grade forgiveness, academic progress).
  • Resources and information on Academic Probation, Readmissions, and Reinstatement.

*To schedule an appointment, please visit our "How to Make an Appointment" link below.*

How to Make an Appointment


  • Before scheduling your 30-minute appointment with ECS Advising, Counseling, and Tutoring Office, please make sure that you meet the appointment vs drop in parameters.
  • Select "Advising" from the drop-down menu. Then select "Engineering and Computer Science Advising Office". The next drop-down menu includes a list of services the ACT Office offers. Please select the required service. Click on "Next".
  • Under "Pick a Location for your Appointment" reselect the "Engineering and Computer Science Advising Office". You will then see the option to select an advisor related to the service you selected. You may also leave it blank for the most availability. Click on "Next".
  • On the following page, select the date and time from the available slots. You may have to select a different series of days via the blue left and right arrows to find an available slot. Once you select your slot, select "Next".
  • On the final page, you will find the Appointment Details. Please enter all relevant details in the comments section. To complete your scheduling, click Confirm Appointment. You will receive an email confirmation soon after.

Scheduling Notes:

  • Since advising sessions are scheduled for 30-minute intervals, we recommend you review your plan in your My Sac State prior to your appointment.
  • Bring your CSUS ID card and arrive before your appointment time.
  • Your appointment may be canceled if you're 10 minutes late.
  • If you can't keep an appointment, cancel the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If you have difficulty making an appointment, stop by the ACT Office front desk and someone will assist you.

Mandatory Advising

The ACT Office requires multiple populations to attend mandatory advising each semester. Please see the following populations for how to make an appointment:

First-Year & Second-Year Advising Appointment

Each semester during the student’s first-year and in their fall semester of their second-year they must meet with an academic advisor from the ACT office. Students will be emailed a link to schedule an appointment to their email account. Students will be emailed bi-weekly reminders until they schedule an appointment. If you require any assistance scheduling an appointment please email or

Advising Workshop

In the spring semester of their second year, students will be required to attend a 1-hour review workshop. Students will be emailed details to their Workshops will be held in a computer lab.

New Transfer Advising

New transfer students in their first semester will be required to meet with the Graduation and Retention Coordinator from the ACT office. Students will be emailed a link to schedule an appointment to their email account. Students will be emailed bi-weekly reminders until they schedule an appointment. If you require any assistance scheduling an appointment, please email