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Participate in HLP

Students should participate in HLP to enhance their confidence with their non-technical skills and engage with other students and industry mentors.

Why participate in HLP?

Becoming a successful professional requires solid technical skills and the ability to apply those skills in a variety of situations. Technical professionals solve problems. In our increasingly complex world, however, the most interesting problems will require the expertise of many talented professionals – a team approach will be the key to creating the most effective solutions. Participation in the HLP activities will give you practical experience applying the technical skills you learn in the classroom to real-world problems.

According to a 2019 study conducted by Cengage, the top skills sought by today’s employers include:

  • Listening skills (74 percent of employers)
  • Attention to detail and attentiveness (70 percent)
  • Effective Communication (69 percent)
  • Critical thinking (67 percent)
  • Interpersonal skills (65 percent)
  • Active learning/Learning new skills (65 percent)

How to Participate

To attend seminars and workshops, simply show up with your student ID. The schedule of speakers will be communicated via email, flyers, and A-frame signs near buildings that house STEM majors.

For Fall 2022, all seminars are Fridays from 2 - 3 PM and can be joined using the zoom link:

To find ENGR or NSM 193, students can search the MySacState Student Center or the public schedule. To enroll in ENGR or NSM 193, students can enroll in the MySacState Student Center or show up to the first day of class with student ID.

To become an HLP Scholar, complete either ENGR/NSM 193 or ENGR/NSM 197 and submit an application by visiting the "Become an HLP Scholar" page. Applications are due in April each year to participate that summer.

Fall 2022 Seminar Series

Date Seminar Topic Speaker (Affiliation)
Oct 7 Leadership in the Data Age Joseph Taylor (Professor, School of Business, Sac State)
Oct 14 Technology Leadership Liana Crimmins-Bailey (CTO, Department of Technology, CA State)
Oct 21 Leadership & Entrepreneurship Cameron Law (Exec. Dir, Carlson Center, Sac State)
Nov 4 Change Management Jessica Bagger (Professor, School of Business, Sac State)