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Faculty Travel

Planning a Trip

  1. Notify office. Any time that you are traveling in an official capacity, you must notify the Division. If you are paying your own expenses, we will assist you to complete an Unfunded Travel Request so that you will be covered by University insurance during your business.
  2. Funding. The College usually puts out a call for funding form at the beginning of the Fall semester. You may also receive funding from other offices on campus. If you travelled without funding in the current fiscal year, you can request funding to retroactively fund the trip.

Pre-trip (60 days in advance)

Travel Expense Justification (TEJ)/International Expense Justification (ITEJ) form.

This is required for funded domestic travel and all international travel. Staff will prepare and forward these forms for you to secure all permissions to travel and use any funds allotted for the trip.

TEJs and ITEJs must be filed 30 and 45 days in advance, respectively. (Use the button below to get started.)
To complete your TEJ/ITEJ, you will need to provide:

  • Destination, including cities and countries
  • Dates of trip
  • A projected expense breakdown of airfare, hotel, ground transportation, registration fees, and meals.
  • Conference website link or project description.
  • Plans for class coverage during your trip.

Pre-pay hotel, airfare, and/or registration. The Division can pre-pay your major expenses before you travel, in lieu of advanced funds.

Start your Travel Request here

During Trip

  1. Use tracking sheet to note daily expenses.
  2. Keep receipts for all travel-related expenses, including meals. Going forward, you will be reimbursed for actual expenses.


Due within two weeks of return.

  1. Turn in receipts. All receipts must show a payment method or documentation that money has changed hands.
  2. Travel claim. Staff will prepare the claim based on the receipts provided.


Funding approval ≠ permission to travel.

Even though you have received funding, that does not give you permission to travel. This is established through the TEJ/ITEJ process. If you travel without going through this process, the University is within its rights to deny your claim.

Funding is for a limited period of time.

Most funds are tied to a fiscal year, July through June. Unused funds will expire if not used during the allotted time. In order to meet the University’s (May 15)spending deadlines, you must begin the TEJ process no later than April 15, and no later than March 15 for an ITEJ, for travel ending no later than August 30.

International travel requires travel insurance.

International Travel Insurance form. The College of Health & Human Services will pay for it.

Advances are no longer a thing.

We have a Division credit card to pre-pay your hotel, airfare, and registration fees.

Keep receipts for everything.

Domestic travel will reimburse actual meal expenses, but international travel has a federal per diem. Visit Accounts Payable & Travel for more information.