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Department of Physical Therapy College of Health & Human Services

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Clinical Education

The clinical education component of the curriculum has two components: integrated clinical experiences and 36 weeks of full-time off-campus clinical experiences. Integrated clinical experiences are part of a given course and occur in either pro-bono clinics, as an assignment in a course, or in the simulation lab. Currently, the curriculum contains four types of pro-bono clinics: for the adult and pediatric populations with neurologic conditions, persons with orthopedic conditions, and for persons with amputations.

The program’s mission is to prepare generalist practitioners and to give students an exposure to a broad range of physical therapy settings. As such, the program requires completion of three, 12-week full-time clinical experiences. Each experience will be in one of the major setting types – inpatient acute, rehabilitation (inpatient or outpatient), and outpatient. All students must complete a clinical course in each of the three major settings.

For qualifying students, pediatric rotations can replace the rehabilitation requirement on an as-available basis. Clinical education assignments are not structured to create an opportunity to visit faraway places, to allow a student to live at home, to be near a significant other, to lead to employment at a specific site, or to develop specialty skills. They are structured to give the student a well rounded clinical experience. Placements in Northern California are preferred but some outlying rotations will be necessary to fulfill the Program educational goals. Thus, students need to be prepared to attend a clinical outside the metropolitan Sacramento area on one or more clinical rotations and to arrange transportation and housing as needed for all clinical affiliations.

Timeline of Full-time Clinical Experience

1st Experience
PT695A - Clinical Experience I
12 weeks during the 6th semester
2nd Experience
PT695B - Clinical Experience II
12 weeks during the 8th semester
3rd Experience
PT695C - Clinical Experience III
12 weeks during the 9th semester

Clinical instructor reviews casework with a student

Clinical Faculty

Clinical faculty refers to all Clinical Instructors (CI), as well as Site Coordinators of Clinical Education (SCCE).

The CI is a physical therapist with at least one year of clinical experience who has volunteered to mentor and assess a physical therapy student. The SCCE is responsible for coordinating assignments and activities of students at the clinical site.

Resources for Clinical Faculty

An excellent Clinical Instructor is one who:

  • Models in their practice integration of the ICF concepts and terminology and the patient management model as described in the Guide to PT Practice.

  • Supportively mentors the student by reinforcing student strengths and offering constructive and timely feedback to the student in integrating academic and clinical experiences.

  • Skillfully uses the clinical environment to set up appropriate learning experiences and clearly communicates all aspects of clinical education to the student, the SCCE and the DCE/ACCE.

  • Accurately rates the student on the assessment tool (Web CPI) with supporting documentation, integrating a fair assessment of supervision needs, patient caseload capacity and quality of student performance.

  • Models ethical and legal practice, and excellent relations with patients, family caregivers and healthcare providers.

Clinical Instructors of Excellence 2020 Nominees:

  • Aaron Crouch - KIME PT
  • Abhinav Mahajan - California Rehabilitation - Doctor's Medical Center
  • Abigail Italia - Kaiser Antioch
  • Adam Mick - Rocklin PT
  • Albert Vaiao Tuala - UC Davis Medical Center
  • Alycia Clark - Easter Seal- Sacramento
  • Alysia Peralta - Sutter Roseville Medical Center
  • Anthony Gravin - Loomis Physical Therapy-Western PT
  • Arthur Baudendistel - Baudendistel
  • Brian Cacy - El Dorado PT - EDH Sports Med Clinic
  • Briana Timberlake - Easter Seal- Sacramento
  • Bryce Stavness - California Rehabilitation - Doctor's Medical Center
  • Candiss Muramoto - Sutter Roseville Medical Center
  • Carey Havrilko - Monterey Spine and Joint PT
  • Chad Sherlock - UC Davis Medical Center
  • Chelsea Keys - Mercy Hospital of Folsom
  • Christian Swanson - Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Roseville
  • Clarissa Ochoa - Shriners Hospital
  • Dale Mendenhall - Physical Therapy and Wellness Center
  • Daniel Barragan - Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
  • DeAndrea Falana - Sutter Memorial Medical Center
  • Dorothy Durazo-Harris - Marshall Medical Center
  • Enrique Larin - David Grant Medical Center
  • Eric Ingram - Premier Sports Medicine and PT
  • Erin McHale - Kaiser S. Sacto
  • Ethan App - Central Coast - Atascadero
  • Gerald Ricafrente - UC Davis Medical Center
  • Heather Christensen - Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
  • Ira Convalecer - HCR Manorcare
  • Jason Kimsey - Athens PT neuro clinic Start
  • Jennifer Seay - San Luis PT - Paso Robles
  • Jenny Schindler - Easter Seals
  • Jill Coddington - Concentra- Sacramento CA
  • Jill Townsley - Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
  • Joanna Canuela - Eskaton Care Center - Greenhaven
  • Joe Griffith - Enloe Medical Center
  • John Lovejoy - Concentra - Downtown - San Francisco
  • Jon Andersen - Andersen Physical Therapy
  • Joseph Ryan - UC Davis Medical Center
  • Josh Slater - Sierra Orthopedics - Placerville
  • Josie Del Rosario - Rideout Health
  • Karissa Ly - St. Francis Heights/Theragen RE-PLACEMENT
  • Kathy Noland - Rideout Health
  • Kendall Finney (Seamans) - Enloe Medical Center
  • Kevin Mobbs - Athens Physical Therapy
  • Lindsay Paterson - Concentra - Downtown - San Francisco
  • Lori Bryan - Fairmont Hosp.
  • Luke Stratigakes - Mercy San Juan Medical Ctr
  • Mai Nguyen - Concentra
  • Marc Foster - Orland Physical Therapy & Sports Med
  • Maria Aquino - Eskaton Care Center - Greenhaven
  • Mark Eddy - Campus Commons Physical Therapy
  • Michael Sterken - UC Davis Medical Center
  • Mitchell Hoadley - Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula
  • Monica Easterday - Doctor's Med Cntr/Calif Rehab
  • Nell Weast - Enloe Medical Center
  • Paul Hansen - Park View Post-Acute
  • Richard Rose, III - Pro-PT - Hanford
  • Robert Kopitzke - Body Concepts, Inc.
  • Ryan Beck - Southern Oregon Orthopedics
  • Scott Tilson - Kaiser Permanente Sports Medicine Center - Golden 1
  • Shawn Christensen - Healing Arts PT - Yuba City
  • Steven Bruce - Pacific Coast Therapists - Watsonville
  • Steven Carmack - Integrated PT Jones Rd with Steve Carmack
  • Sylvia Lewis - Table Mountain Physical Therapy
  • Terry Grzybowski - Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center PNF Program
  • Tim Blankenship - Mercy General Hospital
  • Timothy DeGeorge - Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
  • Tony Pazzaglia - Terrapin Physical Therapy - Monterey
  • Tonya Heidenreich - Saint Francis Heights Care Center
  • Trevor Stoehr - Van Dusen
  • Will Wilbur - Pillsbury Physical Therapy