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Frequently Asked Questions: RPTA Certificate Program

RPTA Certificate programs are for RPTA majors and minors who would like more targeted groups of coursework, with associated recognition, generally taken within the required major or minor program requirements. It is not intended that Certificates should cause a student to take additional coursework or take longer to graduate.

RPTA Advising

Certificate Programs Offered

RPTA Certificates range from 9 to 12 units and requirements may be found by following the Catalog links below:

How do I sign up for a certificate?

  • Review the catalog to make sure that all requirements for each certificate request are fulfilled with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Have completed all coursework for the Bachelor/Minor with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Submit a certificate request form once grades have posted to verify that requirements have been completed.
Acess to the catalog and certificate request forms are provided in each certificate description on the RPTA Certificate Programs page.

Is verification paperwork necessary to receive credit?

Yes, a copy of unofficial transcripts will be required for verification upon submission of request. You must also highlight required courses and grades on your transcripts before attaching to the each certificate request form.

Incomplete forms or forms that have not met requirements will be declined. A new certificate request form will need to be submitted once the issue is resolved.

Will the certificate show on my transcript?

Yes, the purpose of the certificates is not only to give students preparation for various segments of the industry, but also to give graduates evidence that relevant courses to these segments have been completed. Your transcript will show your degree (Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration), your concentration (Recreation and Park Management), and your certificate(s). Certificates will not appear on your diploma, however.

Why do I need a certificate?

Doesn’t my transcript already show things like “park and recreation resource” or “commercial recreation, tourism and hospitality?” Why do I need a certificate too?

Unfortunately, at Sacramento State, “focus areas” (Community Recreation Management, Commercial Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Park and Recreation Resource Management, etc.) do not show on a student’s transcript. These focus areas are for department use only in assigning advisors, but are not represented on any official paperwork a student receives. The certificates will show on official paperwork, which is why they were developed.

Can courses I’ve taken before Fall 2016 count toward the certificate?

Yes, as long as you declare the certificate before you graduate, the courses will count.

Can I complete more than one certificate?

Yes, many of the certificates have overlapping courses. However, students should not delay their graduation to obtain more certificates.

Can RPTA minors declare certificate programs?

Yes, each of the certificates can be completed in fewer than 21 units, which is the size of the Minor in Recreation Administration. If a minor student completes the certificate courses, but does not finish the minor, the certificate will not be awarded.

Can non-RPTA majors/minors declare certificate programs?

No, certificate programs are not open to non-RPTA majors/minors. Only RPTA majors and minors may receive certificates (see above). The minor must be completed before the certificate can be awarded.

Can I list the certificate on my resume?

Yes, and you are encouraged to do so! It may look something like this…
Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration, California State University, Sacramento (2017)
Graduated Cum Laude
Concentration in Recreation and Park Management
Certificate in Natural Resource Administration
Certificate in Outdoor Adventure Administration

If I’ve already graduated, can I receive a certificate?

No, unfortunately the university cannot alter transcripts for those students that have already graduated.

Can I make substitutions to courses in the certificate based on somethin

No, the certificates have strict guidelines that the university recognizes. If the approved courses are not completed, the certificate will not be awarded.

Should I stay an extra semester or two to get more certificates?

No, while certificates are important and desirable, the most important line on your resume from a university is one showing the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree. Once you’ve graduated, you’re free to begin your career path, or go into graduate school. You can’t do those things if you’re still working on your undergrad degree.