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Field Education

Field Education is a core requirement of the BASW and MSW programs. It is an integrated course involving human service organizations, professional Social Work practitioners who are "teachers" in the field, and the faculty of the School of Social Work.

Field Education provides the social work student with an opportunity to apply classroom learning in an agency-based supervised field experience. Signup instructions for the training are delivered upon approval of the Field Instructor Application.

Field Placement Overview

Agencies & Field Instructors

Please review this information prior to applying.

Agency & Instructors Application

If your agency qualifies as a field placement site, please complete the:

Agency Application
Field Instructor Application

Upon receipt of these forms, we will notify our Procurement and Contracts Office, who will contact your agency to begin setting up a Social Work Field Placement Agreement in order to establish your agency as an approved facility/program for Social Work Field Instruction.

Any staff that complete the field instructor application will need to attend a training on field instruction.

Field Practicum Meet and Greet

The Field Practicum Meet and Greet is hosted by the School of Social Work, on a yearly basis, to provide students and field agencies the opportunity to meet and find more out about each other. It is a great way for agencies to build student interest. Invitations to the event go out in December and are sent to all approved Field Agencies.