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Title IV-E Stipend Program

Title IV-E provides professional education and monetary support to undergraduate and graduate Social Work students who intend to pursue or continue a career in the field of public child welfare.

Title IV-E Program Goals

  • To increase the number of PCW workers in California with BASW and MSW degrees
  • To prioritize the enrollment of current state/county/Tribal social services staff
  • To prioritize the enrollment of students who reflect the diversity of California’s child welfare population
  • To provide specific program support through the provision of monetary support to students
  • To provide specific program support through a specialized competency-based child welfare curriculum.

The purpose was to establish new educational objectives for social workers who aid culturally diverse families living in poverty, and publicly supported public child welfare services. Curriculum development in Social Work Education is required because the field of child welfare is changing rapidly. A special focus on keeping children in their homes and on permanency planning, in an effort to break the cycle of multiple foster homes for dependent children.

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