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California State University, Sacramento

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Division of Social Work

College of Health & Human Services

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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The objectives of the undergraduate program are based upon the following sections of the Council on Social Work Education Curriculum Policy Statement:

The baccalaureate is the first level of the professional education for entry into the profession. The baccalaureate social worker should attain a beginning professional level of proficiency in the self-critical and accountable use of this bio-psychosocial knowledge and integrate this knowledge with the liberal arts perspective and the professional foundation content.

Students who receive a baccalaureate degree from an accredited social work program should possess the professional judgment and proficiency to apply, with supervision, the common professional foundation to direct service systems with client systems of various sizes and types.
The purpose of undergraduate social work education is to prepare students for a generalist social work practice.

The curriculum of the undergraduate program is based upon these goals and reflects a commitment to impart the ethics and standards of professional practice as well as the skills which are essential for beginning level proficiency in professional practice, in accordance with standards of the Council on Social Work Education, the National Association of Social Workers, and the considered judgment of the faculty members of the Division of Social Work.

Obtaining a BASW