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The Grace Project

Lindsey Herring at a science lab bench holding a calculatorInspired by Lindsey Herring and her friends at Sacramento State, The Grace Project aims to promote retention and success among underrepresented students pursuing STEM degrees, by eliminating some of the financial barriers they face. STEM courses, particularly those with laboratory requirements, often burden students with additional expenses. The Grace Project alleviates financial stress by supporting students with the resources they need to be successful in their courses.

Student Information

How to request assistance: Students who are taking a math or sceince class in Spring 2023 can complete the form below to make a reqeust for supplies from the Grace Project. View the list of items student are able to request

Request Form

If your request is fullfilled you will recieve an email and your special code will also be listed on our webpage indicaing that your items are ready for pick up.

Deadline to submit your request is Wednesday January, 25, 2023.

The following students can now pick up their items from the Center for Science and Math Success, Sequoia Hall 320 Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. Please make sure to have your code to obtain your items.

0096JC 0099JH 0138DG 0406JM 0575DV
0644ST 0751ER 0850CR 1157JM 1396HD
1492LN 1560AW 1810NB 1811MG 2074AM
2257CD 2497JD 2522RC 2541IS 2632RA
2648ED 2856JB 0949AG 3272DO 3364NK
3537KP 3948EK 3972DM 4136IN 4230TV
4336SS 4505JV 4778LG 4812ZL 4889JG
5010KC 5046TV 5146MM 5159ZG 5412EC
5837JM 5918YM 5991BLA 6209SO 6394KK
6466MG 6484TS 6606LR 6756RCP 6787SS
6809ACV 6908SS 6922RS 6952BD 7086YT
7140EM 7535MB 7589YS 7612EM 7689PGDT
8319FE 8717AD 8718JV 8739SK 8780AGE
8881KC 9362PS 9730CJF 9996SS CT0981
JMA6728  0007MB 0712LMD 1043MK 1353KN
1940AS 2442KL 2499EA 2694RH 8119AC
3675VH 3677SG 4333IB 4774AA 5538BN
5715DO 6059TG 6120AD 6235JA 6516KC
6760NW 6885AP 7004SB 7033ES 7126MJ
7226AM 7556TY 7612EM 8506CG 8565RM
9145HS 9167KKM 9216IO 94977SC 9549RP
9238RK 2876TLA 1851AR 2454SV 3244AM
429MN 7789GP 0636GO 6469AB 8160GH
5513AL 4169DG 3598KT 3853MH 677JJ
0421EP 2282JK 4164GT 5727CK 3415ES
8695KH 6804CS 0760JY 2454SV 1403MA
7571AL 7177KI 0222AB 5802MB  

How to Donate

If you are interested in supporting the Grace Project, here are ways to contribute:

  1. Make a donation online.
  2. Mail-in Donation: Make payments payable to The University Foundation at Sacramento State. Write “The Grace Project” in the memo line, and mail the donation to the address below.

    California State University, Sacramento
    6000 J Street, MS 6130
    Sacramento, CA 95819
  3. Purchase items through Amazon from the Grace Project Wish list.

    If you would like a Tax ID Donation Acknowledgement Letter sent you you for your Amazon Wish List Donation, please message

Student Messages to Grace Project Supporters

We are very greatful to all the donors and supports of the Grace Project. This project would not be possible with out your help but you do not have to take our word for it. Please see the messages of appreciation from the students who have benifited from the Grace Project.

Grace Project Student Message Board- Spring 2023

Grace Project Student Message Board- Fall 2022

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