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Department of Chemistry College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

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Facilities & Instruments

The following is a partial listing of the more significant equipment, instruments, and computer facilities used by graduate students and by undergraduate chemistry majors in their advanced courses. These facilities are also available for the use of undergraduate researchers for special projects and senior thesis.


  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometers:
    • Perkin Elmer AA 700 flame and graphite furnace
    • Perkin Elmer AA 800 flame and transverse-heated, graphite furnace
  • Biochemistry Applications:
    • Centrifuge, 25,000 RPM, refrigerated - Sorvall RC 5B PLUS
    • 2 - Centrifuge, Ultra High Speed, refrigerated - BeckmanL5-50, Beckman TL-100
    • Doc-Gel light cabinet and imaging system - Alpha Imager 2200
    • 2 - ELIZA assay micro plate readers and work stations – BioRad
    • Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography system - BioRad Biologic FPLC system
    • Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography system - Pharmacia P-500
    • Fluorescence spectrometer - Shimadzu RF5301PC
    • 2 - Freeze Dryers - Labconcos: Models LyphLock-6 and FreezeZone-6 with stopping tray dryer
    • Incubator, NuAire: IR CO2 Autoflow, water jacketed
    • 3 - UV/Vis Spectrometers - Thermo Scientific Genesys-10S
    • 8 - UV/Vis, diode-array spectrometers - Ocean Optics: 5 USB-4000's, 3 Chem 2000's
    • 8 - Visible light spectrophotometers - Unico 1200
  • Computational Systems
    • 24 Core computer: "Quantum Cube", co-processing molecular modeling application- "Gaussian 03 and 09", with college-wide, site-license access
    • 2 - 8-Core Computers: "Quantum Cube" and Dell, running molecular modeling application- "Gaussian" 03 and 09, with college-wide, site-license access
    • 14 - Licenses for "Spartan" molecular modeling system, accessible to students in two of the Colleges computer labs
  • FTIR - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers:
    • Nicolet IS-50, OMNIC software and Smart ATR Optical Bench
    • Nicolet IS-5, OMNIC software and Smart ATR Optical Bench
    • Nicolet Magnum-1995
    • Perkin Elmer FTIR 2000
    • 2 - Perkin Elmer RX-1 stand-alone FTIR's
  • GC/MS - Gas Chromatography using Mass Spec Detection:
    • Regular Agilent 7890A GC / 5975 MS System [add link to SQU 553 and Regular GC-MS calendar page]
    • Gerstel Agilent 7890A GC / 5975 MS System [add link to Gerstel GC-MS calendar page]
    • Thermo [need model number(s)] in 2031 GC-MS/MS System (in TSC) [we may need to do a similar modification of calendars for this once we start to use this GC-MS]
  • GC/FID - Gas Chromatography using Flame Ionization or Thermo Conductivity Detection:
    • 2 - Agilent 6890 Systems with FID detection
    • HP 5890 Series-II System with FID detection
    • 2 - Buck Scientific-Model SRI 8610c gas chromatographs with FID and TCD detectors
    • 4 - Gow Mac Series GC's with TCD detection ( three 350 series and one 550 series)
  • HPLC: High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems:
    • 3 - Agilent 1100 series HPLC Systems with Diode Array detectors and Quaternary pumps
    • Hewlett Packard 1050 High Performance Liquid Chromatography system
  • Ion Chromatography Systems:
    • 2 - Dionix-ICS 1100 with "Chromeleon" software
  • NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers:
    • Bruker Avance-I with 300MHz, Ultra Shield magnet, variable temp, ICON auto sampling system, auto shimming, auto match and tune and multi-nucleus probe
    • Bruker Avance-III with 500MHz, Ultra Shield magnet, variable temperature, auto shimming, auto match and tune and multi-nucleus probe.
    • Bruker Magnet and High Power RF system with ultra-fast spinner for solid phase samples
  • Other Specialized Instrumentation:
    • Cyclic Voltammetry System, BAS Cell3 and CH Electrochemical Analyzer
    • Differential Scanning Calorimeter, DuPont 910
    • 2 - Magnetic Susceptibility Balances, JM Scientific
    • Microwave Accelerating Reaction System, CEM MARS-5
    • 2 - Polarimeters, Rudolph Research AutoPoll-II
    • Thermogravametric Analyzer, DuPont 950
    • X-Ray Diffractometer, Siemens D500
  • UV/Visible Spectrometers:
    • Shimadzu UV-2401PC, Double beam spectrometer
    • 2 - HP 8254A, Diode array spectrometers
  • Visible Light Spectrometers:
    • 20 - Unico 1200's for lower division labs

Department Computer Facilities

The computer facilities within the Chemistry Department include a lab equipped with six 3.2 GHz P4 CPU running Win XP and Spartan '04 molecular modeling software packages.

Throughout the department several faculty and groups are running other modeling and molecular visualization packages, running under Windows or Linux operating systems. These include CACHE, GAUSSIAN/ GAUSSView, GAMESS, AMBER, GROMACS, MOLDEN, and others.

A number of PC systems are networked with the instruments listed above. These computer systems are equipped with software for analyzing data, processing spectra ( e.g. NUTS, Mestrec, Spinworks), and molecular modeling (HYPER-CHEM, QUANTA, SPARTAN '04, and GAUSSIAN 03).

An 8-processor 64-bit Opteron QuantumCube with 8 Gb RAM and 3 Tb disk storage running the PQS electronic structure program package and 3 Windows PCs running Molden, Chimera, ArgusLab, and Qmol are devoted to computational chemistry research.