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ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (PPL) is designed to determine what mathematical content students know and where students need to improve in preparation for taking mathematics and statistics courses at Sacramento State.

Although not required, ALEKS PPL will help students have a better sense of their strengths and weaknesses. Students will also have a chance to brush up on topics. Students whose major requires mathematics or statistics courses are encouraged to complete Part I of the ALEKS PPL process. Please note that not all students will need to complete Part II of the ALEKS PPL process. See the "Guidelines for Taking ALEKS PPL" linked at the right for more information.

Information for ALEKS PPL

Taking ALEKS

Placement Results

A score of at least Makes you eligible for
76 Math 30
61 Math 26A, Math 29
51 Math 24, Stat 1
46 Math 17
STEM Majors - any score Math 12
non-STEM Majors - any score Math 10

ALEKS Questions and Info

Most of the information you need about ALEKS can be found in one of the three links above (FAQ, Register and Access ALEKS PPL, Guidelines for Taking ALEKS PPL). However, if you have a question that is not answered somewhere within these pages you may email .

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