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ALEKS PPL Department of Math & Statistics

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Registration and ALEKS PPL Access

Follow the steps below to activate and register your ALEKS PPL account.

Note: Registration requires an active Sac State email account.

Create or Verify Your Email Account

Access your ALEKS PPL account through the link provided in Step 1 below.

Accommodations for ALEKS

If you need accessibility or testing accommodations, please get these approved by the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) before activating your ALEKS PPL account. Click here for the application form and directions.

Please note this process can take some time. Accommodations must be approved before activating your ALEKS PPL account.

When your accommodations have been approved, contact the Math Department for instructions on how to register for the SSWD ALEKS PPL cohort.

Step 1: Activate Your ALEKS PPL Account

To activate your account and access ALEKS PPL, click on the link below.


You are required to have a computer with an internet connection.

After completing a brief questionnaire and short tutorial, you are ready to take the first ALEKS PPL. You will have two hours to complete the assessment. Your score will appear on the screen and recorded on your ALEKS PPL account page.

Step 2: Practice

After your first ALEKS PPL is complete, the system will suggest a Preparation and Learning Module. An individualized study plan will be created based on your performance on the Placement Assessment. ALEKS PPL will identify what you know and what you are ready to learn next so you can brush up on lost knowledge. You must complete at least 3 hours of work in the Preparation and Learning Module before you are able to take another ALEKS PPL.

The recommended modules are:

Course Recommended Module
Math 10, Math 12 Prep for Intermediate Algebra
Math 107A, Math 24, Math 17, Stat 1 Prep for College Algebra
Math 26A, Math 29, Math 29A Prep for PreCalculus
Math 30 Prep for Calculus

The highest ALEKS PPL score will be used for course placement.

You are able to complete up to 5 ALEKS PPLs provided that:

  • At least 48 hours has passed between ALEKS PPLs.
  • At least 3 hours of work are completed in the Preparation and Learning Module.



Creating an ALEKS PPL account is free and provides:

  • five ALEKS PPLs in a one-year period, and
  • the use of a Preparation and Learning Module for six months.

A second subscriptions may be obtained, but will incur a fee (currently $20). A new subscription will be required:

  • if more than five ALEKS PPLs are desired,
  • if an ALEKS PPL is needed after the initial one-year term.