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Math Tutoring Buddies Program

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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Sacramento State is offering a new tutoring program for high school students. The mission of the Math Tutoring Buddies Program is to provide free, high-quality one-on-one tutoring to high school students in the local community that will enrich the learning opportunities for both university and middle/high school students. By providing individualized support in their math learning, this program aims to improve educational opportunities and outcomes and increase awareness of STEM higher education for middle and high school students who might otherwise not have access to these resources.

If you would like to donate to the Math Tutoring Buddies Program, you can do so via the link below.

Donate to Math Tutoring Buddies

Tutoring Hours

Click the link to get info about Math Tutoring Buddies tutors and hours currently available.

Program Goals

The following are the program goals for the Math Tutoring Buddies Program:

  • Support middle and high school students in mathematics learning through one-to-one interaction,
  • Strengthen Sac State students’ mathematical communication skills,
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for local middle and high school students to gain access to higher

The objective of the Math Tutoring Buddies Program is to improve the mathematics literacy for middle and high school students and provide a window to higher education through a positive mentoring experience from Sac State tutors and faculty.

Middle and High school students will benefit from this program, specifically by:

  • Learning and expanding mathematical vocabularies and concepts in a one-to-one setting,
  • Imagining, practicing, and testing solutions to problems,
  • Improving confidence in mathematics literacy and practices,
  • Learning and gaining awareness of higher education.

Program Outcomes

  1. Increase middle and high school students’ proficiency, knowledge, and skills in mathematics,
  2. Enhance middle and high school students’ study and learning skills that can be applied broadly,
  3. Increase middle and high school student’s awareness of STEM higher education,
  4. Expand Sac State student’s mathematical knowledge, interest, and skills, and
  5. Strengthen Sac State student’s pedagogical knowledge, interest, and skills.

Math Tutoring Topics

Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Geometry, Statistics

Apply Online

Job Posting #: The posting has closed for this semester, but check back for future positions.

Applicants who have fluency in the following languages are especially encouraged to apply:

  • Farsi
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Tagalog