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Department of Physics & Astronomy College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

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About The Department

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Faculty Awards

2021 - Dr. Mikkel Jensen, NSM Outstanding Teaching Award

2021 - Dr. Vera Margoniner, NSM Outstanding University Service Award

2016 - Dr. William DeGraffenreid, NSM Outstanding Community Service Award

2016 - Dr. Vera Margoniner, NSM Outstanding Teaching Award

2014 - Dr. William DeGraffenreid, NSM Outstanding Teaching Award

2014 - Dr. Vera Margoniner, NSM Outstanding University Service Award

2012 - Dr. Tatiana Sergan, NSM Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award

2012 - Dr. Vassili Sergan, NSM Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award

2012 - Dr. Christopher Taylor, NSM Outstanding University Service Award

2011 - Dr. Vassili Sergan, President's Award for Research and Creative Activity

2010 - Dr. William DeGraffenreid, NSM Outstanding University Service Award

2010 - Dr. Christopher Taylor, NSM Outstanding Community Service Award

2008 - Dr. Peter Urone, NSM Outstanding University Service Award

2005 - Dr. Michael Shea, Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Service

2003 - Dr. Edward Gibson, Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award

2003 - Dr. Suhkbir Mahajan, NSM Outstanding Teaching Award

2002 - Dr. Randy Phelps, President's Award for Research and Creative Activity

1998 - Dr. Michael Shea, NSM Outstanding Teaching Award

1996 - Dr. Hossein Partovi, California State University Outstanding Professor

1993 - Dr. Hossein Partovi, Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award

1993 - Dr. Hossein Partovi, Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award

1988 - Dr. Donald Hall, Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award

Research Areas in the Department

Faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy conduct research in many fields of physics and astrophysics.


  • Dr. Rodolfo Barniol Duran
  • Dr. Vera Margoniner
  • Dr. Chris Taylor
  • Dr. Kyle Watters


Computational Methods

  • Dr. Rodolfo Barniol Duran
  • Dr. Matthew Block
  • Dr. Jerome Buerki

Experimental Condensed Matter

High Energy Physics

  • Dr. Joshua Moss

Liquid Crystals

  • Dr. Tatiana Sergan
  • Dr. Vassili Sergan

Physics Education Research

  • Dr. Vera Margoniner
  • Dr. Lynn Tashiro

Theoretical Condensed Matter

  • Dr. Matthew Block
  • Dr. Jerome Buerki

Faculty Publications & Patents

  • M.H. Jensen, E.J. Morris: "Stochastic Ordering of Complexoform Protein Assembly by Genetic Circuits." PLoS Computational Biology (2020).
  • R. Barniol Duran: “Analysis and Modeling of the Multi-wavelength Observations of the Luminous GRB 190114C.” The Astrophysical Journal (2019).
  • R. Barniol Duran: “ALMA Detection of a Linearly Polarized Reverse Shock in GRB 190114C.” The Astrophysical Journal (2019).
  • R. Barniol Duran: “EM counterparts of structured jets from 3D GRMHD simulations.” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2019).
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  • R. Barniol Duran: “The short GRB 170817A: Modelling the off-axis emission and implications on the ejecta magnetization.” The Astrophysical Journal (2019).
  • V. Margoniner, J. Bürki, M. Kapp: “Monkeying Around in Mechanics: Using Student-Student Dialogue Videos to Increase Physics Learning.” The Physics Teacher (2019).
  • R. Barniol Duran: “A lesson from GW170817: most neutron star mergers result in tightly collimated successful GRB jets.” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2018).
  • E. Morris: “Minimizing context-dependency of gene networks using artificial cells.” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2018).
  • R. Barniol Duran: “First ALMA Light Curve Constrains Refreshed Reverse Shocks and Jet Magnetization in GRB 161219B.” The Astrophysical Journal (2018).
  • T. Sergan, V. Sergan, and R. Herrera: “Control of liquid crystal alignment using surface-localized low-density polymer networks and its applications to electro-optical devices." Journal of Molecular Liquids (2018).
  • R. Barniol Duran: “Marginally fast cooling synchrotron models for prompt GRBs.” Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2018).
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  • R. Barniol Duran: “Theoretical Description of GRB 160625B with Wind-to-ISM Transition and Implications for a Magnetized Outflow." The Astrophysical Journal (2017).
  • M. Jensen: “Cell volume change through water efflux impacts cell stiffness and stem cell fate." Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (2017).
  • T. Sergan, V. Sergan, and R. Voss: “Comparative study of the anchoring strength of reactive mesogens and industrial polyimides used for the alignment of liquid crystals.” Physical Review E (2017).
  • J. Moss: “Measurement of the ZZ production cross section in proton-proton collisions at √s = 8 TeV using the ZZ→ℓ-+ℓ'-ℓ'+ and ZZ→ℓ-+νν decay channels with the ATLAS detector.” Journal of High Energy Physics (2017).
  • M. Ray: “Tying Quantum Knots.” Nature Physics (2016).
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  • C. Taylor: “High-resolution Observations of Molecular Gas in the Early-type Dwarf Galaxy NGC 404.” The Astronomical Journal (2015).
  • V. Margoniner: “Learning Gains in Introductory Astronomy: Online Can Be as Good as Face-to-Face.” The Physics Teacher (2014).
  • S. Hillbrand: “The Next Generation BLAST Experiment.” Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation (2014).
  • S. Hillbrand:"The Detector System for the Stratospheric Kinetic Inductance Polarimeter (SKIP).” Journal of Low Temperature Physics (2014).
  • V. Sergan: “Surface localized polymer aligned liquid crystal lens.” Optics Express (2013).
  • V. Sergan: “Mechanism of electric-field-induced segregation of additives in a liquid-crystal host.” Physical Review E (2012).
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