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65th Street Corridor Project

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The 65th Street Corridor Project is a high-impact and multi-component community effort aimed at increasing student academic achievement, fostering student leadership, and improving parent participation for children living in neighborhoods where gang violence, a lack of access to resources and low civic engagement create a need for innovative, culturally competent strategies.

Current 65th Street Corridor Staff
Current 65th Street Corridor Staff

Program Components

  • A Ethnic Studies Tutoring Mentorship Program was developed facilitate access and preparation for college-level work.
  • A Student Bridge Program provides opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the campus, where they can develop an understanding of a “college-going culture.”
  • A Parent Bridge Program invites middle school parents to spend a day at our university campus to learn about college preparation and higher education opportunities.

Current Information

The Project serves 7th -12th grade students attending two schools in Sacramento’s 65th Street corridor.

  • Hiram Johnson High School
  • Will C. Wood Middle School

Currently, the 65th Corridor Project operates four programs. The three Will C Wood Middle School projects are the Ethnic Studies History Project, the Student Bridge Field Trip and the 8th Grade Ethnic Studies course (2020/21). The last program is the Hiram Johnson Ethnic Studies Tutoring/ Mentorship Program.

Ethnic Studies History Project

The ES History Project started at Will C. Wood. For the past five years, Ethnic Studies students have presented in Middle School U.S. History, World History and even Science classes. During 50 minute periods, one to two Sac State students use PowerPoint presentations to illustrate and explore their own family, community, and ethnic histories. Also, each presenter ties in their own journey to higher education. These presentations are made to 12 to 18 classes in which there are 30 students in each class. In the fall 2020 semester, presentations were made in 15 classes to a total of approximately 450 students by 13 Ethnic Studies students.

Field Trips, A Bridge between Campus & Community

There are two annual WCW field trips to the Sac State campus. One is the Book Club and the other has been the 65th Corridor Project’s signature field trip with the Middle School parents. Since the parents’ field trip’s inception from 55 to 115 parents have participated. There are presentations from Sac State administrators, 65th Corridor staff, admissions, financial aid, Sac State student panels, and EOP. Due to the large number of first generation parents, presentations are simultaneously translated into five languages.

Students touring Campus
Students touring Campus

Hiram Johnson High School Ethnic Studies Tutoring/Mentorship Program

In this spring 2021 semester, 24 Ethnic Studies majors from ETHN 195A, “Ethnic Studies Field Work” are off to a great start. The high school students, the ES majors and the HJ teachers all feel the program already has been highly effective. Besides making a significant difference, this Program provides a good vehicle to further institutionalize Service to the Community into the Sac State ES curriculum.

8th Grade Ethnic Studies Course

The 65th Street Corridor partnership starts with the Sac State Department of Ethnic Studies, Hiram Johnson High School Ethnic Studies teachers and students, and Will C. Wood students, teachers and administrators. For Sac State ES students their community service is reciprocated by gaining the practical experience and to provide meaningful and high impact service to the community. In turn, for the high school Ethnic Studies students will present their term papers to Will C. Wood students with emphasis on the 8th grade Ethnic Studies class. Then the Ethnic Studies 8th graders will do presentations at their feeder elementary schools. Thus, the 65th Street Corridor project supports the new middle school course. The 8th grade ES course adds a significant component to the 65th Corridor Vision of a multi-layered culture of community service. and Together this partnership contributes to a more educated and vibrant community.

Dr. Mark kicks off 65th Street Corridor assembly
Dr. Mark kicks off 65th Street Corridor assembly


Training for the 65th Street Corridor projects are done each semester currently through Zoom.