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Cardiovascular Wellness Program

CV Wellness Program Chair ExerciseThe Cardiovascular Wellness Program is an exercise and education program directed to older individuals in the community with cardiovascular disease or those at risk. Reinforcing behaviors of exercise, stress management, and sound nutrition that develop and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle is the focus. The program is staffed by specialty volunteers and student interns. Exercise is supervised by ACLS-certified nurses and an exercise physiologist. Physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, and registered dietitians visit regularly for supervision and education. Our student interns come from multiple disciplines including gerontology, kinesiology, nursing, nutrition, physical therapy, and psychology.


The Cardiovascular Wellness Program is located at Folsom Hall at Sacramento State University, 7667 Folsom Blvd., Suite 3030, 3rd floor, NE corner.

For more information, review the program’s website:

You can also send an email to