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Pan African Studies

Pan African Studies at California State University, Sacramento is immersed in three worlds: (1) the African experience as represented in the United States, the Diaspora, and the continent; (2) academic excellence; (3) involvement in the Black community.

The unique synthesis of these three elements has established Pan African Studies in Sacramento as a program of distinction. Our curriculum addresses this dimension of life: What is the nature of the African world; under what conditions has it been formed; what adversities has it met in the past and what does it continue to meet; how has it been used to contribute to human civilization and well-being; and how can it be used in the effort to create a better world in memory of our ancestors, for us, and for those who come after us?

Students intellectually attracted to this synthesis can pursue a concentration in Pan African Studies as part of the major in ethnic studies.

Pan African Studies is also strengthened by an association of faculty in other departments who have interest in Africa and the Diaspora.

Pan African Studies Advising

For Pan African Studies advising please contact Dr. Ricky Green, 916-278-3359,, Amador Hall 562A.

Affiliation with the Pan African Studies Program

Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program (CWC) and Pan African Studies work collaboratively. The Mission of CWC Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, also informs the theoretical and pedagogical framework of Pan African Studies. A certificate in Pan African Studies is available through the Department of Ethnic Studies. Students enrolled in the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program are eligible for the certificate. The Director of Pan African Studies certifies those graduated of the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program who are eligible for the certificate. Total units required for the Pan African Studies Certificate are 24.

Pan African Studies Program

African Studies Minor

The Minor and Certificate in African Studies are identical programs. The Minor is recommended for students undertaking completion of a Bachelor’s degree. The Certificate is recommended for students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree.

The program is intended to improve students’ understanding of modern Africa. As a significant part of the world community, Africa merits focused and sustained study. This program provides a cohesive, directed effort to develop students knowledge and appreciation for Africa’s peoples, geography, institutions, arts, customs, languages, traditions, resources, politics, and social structures. The program is designed and structured in a way that will be useful to the student, both professionally and academically. The Minor is of particular relevance for students interested in acquiring an integrated perception and understanding of Africa. The program provides different options: a specific emphasis in international relations; interests in a particular aspect of African life such as art, history, or society; or general intellectual curiosity.

The CSU International Programs provide opportunities for students at Sacramento State to study and live in Africa, and constitute a valuable adjunct to African Studies on the campus. Students are strongly urged to take at least one year of a language used in Africa other than English. Course selection for each student is worked out with an advisor from the African Studies faculty in conjunction with the Director of Pan African Studies.