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Asian Americans in Media & Popular Culture

New Course!!

Asian Americans in Media and Popular Culture (ETHN 123)

Meets Tuesdays 4 – 6:50 p.m., online

Mainstream media and popular culture contribute to the racialized, gendered and sexualized representations of Asian Americans. These media portrayals devalue lives, produce harmful stereotypes and contribute and contribute to Anti-Asian violence.

As a major goal of this course, we will critique and deconstruct dominant historical and contemporary representations of Asian Americans in media and popular culture. Through the course we will learn analytical tools to deconstruct representations of Asian Americans in various forms of media and popular culture. Lastly, we address the creative and alternative means Asian Americans have used to promote and advance more accurate portrayals and representations of Asian Americans. Students create their own forms of media and art to accurately represent Asian Americans.

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Course offering by the Department of Ethnic Studies/Asian American Studies Program. ETHN 123 fulfills GE Area C2

animated gif depicting asian misrepresentation in pop culture