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Psychology College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

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MA in Psychology: General Psychology

Students in the General Psychology program can create individual programs in conjunction with the faculty to prepare for doctoral programs in a variety of specialized fields such as:

  • Clinical,
  • Cognitive,
  • Developmental,
  • Educational,
  • Experimental,
  • Industrial/Organizational,
  • Neuroscience,
  • Quantitative, and
  • Social Psychology

Students also take graduate courses in research methods, analysis of variance, multiple regression analysis, multivariate analysis, and psychological measurement.

General Psychology Program Catalog Information

General Psychology M.A.

General M.A. students regularly participate in supervisory and experiential coursework beginning in their first semester and continue each semester after that. These students involve themselves in research projects, either as members of research teams or individually under the supervision of a faculty member.

Upon completion, they present their work at a variety of research conferences including the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association's Student Research Conference, Western Psychological Association Research Conference, among others.

Students also have the opportunity to acquire experience as Teaching Associates (paid instructors of record) or as Instructional Student Assistants (paid) in our undergraduate lower division and lab courses.

Admission Requirements & Application Instructions

General Psychology Faculty

Applicants will be asked to select and rank three faculty from the list below in their application. Please review our application materials to determine which faculty will be taking applicants for Fall 2020.

Name Subdiscipline Contact Information
Jeff Calton, Ph.D. (University of Missouri) Behavioral Neuroscience
Sharon Furtak-Nguyen, Ph.D. (Yale University) Behavioral Neuroscience
Phillip Akutsu, Ph.D. (UCLA) Clinical Psychology
Lee Berrigan, Ph.D. (Washington University, St. Louis Clinical Psychology
Sharon Flicker, Ph.D. (University of New Mexico) Clinical Psychology
Alexandra Morrison, Ph.D. (Temple University) Cognitive Psychology - Attention and Working Memory
Jianjian (J.J.) Qin, Ph.D. (UC Davis) Cognitive Psychology - Eyewitness Memory and Memory Errors
Emily Wickelgren, Ph.D. (Indiana University) Cognitive Psychology - Sensation and Perception
Erin Ellison, Ph.D. (UC Santa Cruz) Community Psychology
Greg Kim-Ju, Ph.D. (Boston College) Cultural and Community Psychology
David Giguere, Ph.D. (Florida Atlantic University) Developmental Psychology
Casey Knifsend, Ph.D. (UCLA) Developmental and Community Psychology
Brittany Young, Ph.D. (UC Santa Cruz) Developmental Psychology
Lisa Bohon, Ph.D. (UC Riverside) Social Psychology
Lisa Harrison, Ph.D. (University of Nebraska) Social Psychology
Larry Meyers, Ph.D. (Adelphi University) Quantitative Psychology