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Participating in Research for Course Credit

Participation Requirements

  • There is a research requirement for PSYC 2, 4, & 8 courses, designed to provide students with some understanding of the methods and procedures used to conduct psychological research. To satisfy this requirement, students must complete research work by either participating in actual psychology research studies conducted by Psychology faculty and students or completing an alternative writing assignment.

  • PSYC 2 and 8 students are required to complete 3 hours of research participation for each class.

  • PSYC 4 students are required to complete 2 hours of research participation.

  • Click on the link for detailed instructions for this assignment.

Participation Procedures

To complete the required hours, participants must:

  1. Register at the Psychology Research website and sign up for study participation. Contact the SONA website administrator if there are problems registering to the site.
  2. Show up for appointments with the 4-digit participant ID number handy.
  3. Complete required number of research hours.
  4. Monitor credit earnings online and make sure requirements are met by the last day of the semester. Studies are rarely available during finals week.

A note about online studies: Due to the coronavirus, students may complete 100% of their required research participation hours for all classes by participating in online experiments.

Alternative Writing Assignment

Students not wishing to participate in research have the option of completing an alternative writing assignment. Students who complete this assignment will demonstrate their understanding of research methods by reviewing reports of research studies that have recently been published in Psychology research journals.

This alternative assignment contains three parts. All parts must be completed satisfactorily in order to receive credit. Carefully follow the detailed instructions for the assignment.

Contact Dr. Harrison at if you have any questions.

Due Date: Monday, April 26

Click here to submit Alternative Research Assignment

  • Make sure you are signed into your CSUS Office365 account when submitting your Alternative Research Assignment.