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The Renaissance Society

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Our Board and Governance

The Renaissance Society

Screenshot of June 2023 Board Zoom Meeting
June 2023 Zoom Board Meeting

Board Business

Here are current Board documents. These are for Board members and meetings, but all Renaissance members are welcome to take a look!


Here are some important documents relating to the Renaissance Society.

Budget Information

Board Election Procedures

The Bylaws

The Standing Rules

Board and Committee Descriptions

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the policy-making body of the Society. All decisions shall be consistent with Sac State policy. The Board shall also adopt by a majority vote such Standing Rules as are necessary to carry out the objectives of the Society. The voting members shall consist of the 4 elected officers; the immediate past president; the elected members-at-large; and the chairs of all standing committees. The Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, the Associate Vice President of Finance and Financial Services and/or a designated representative from these offices or the office of the President, Sacramento State, shall be ex-officio non-voting members of the Board.

Standing Committees’ Purposes

The membership, roles and responsibilities, specific functions and operations of the Standing Committees are described and maintained in each respective committee’s Protocol, and Policies and Procedures Manual. The committee purposes described below can be found in each respective Standing Committee’s Protocol.

Administration and Finance

Review and recommend improvements to the RS administrative structures, policies and practices and review and adopt fiscal policies and procedures that comply with standards for non-profit organizations. Provide support and assistance to the Comptroller who chairs the Committee.

Communications and Marketing

Provide guidance on best practices, methodologies and use of metrics. Develop, implement, measure and maintain consistent, active and comprehensive communication and marketing strategy to all members and stakeholders for the purposes of recruitment, program messaging, fundraising, awareness and branding. Collect information and articles, write, edit and publish The Recorder.


Make decisions and selections of Forum speakers each semester. Invite speakers to present at the Forums, introduce speakers and facilitate the implementation of the Forums.


Serve as the RS liaison to the Sac State Gerontology Department. Promote and assist the Gerontology Department to recruit senior citizen volunteers for various educational programs, including but not limited to the Elder Mentor Program, classroom speakers, and periodic Gerontology Interview Practice Sessions and others.

Long-Range Planning

Coordinate the strategic planning process and monitor its implementation. Project one to five years in the future and evaluate all means toward strengthening current programs and developing innovative programs for the future that will meet the intellectual, cultural and social needs of Renaissance Society members. Study and assess issues referred by the Board that are related to the needs of The Renaissance Society and prepare recommendations for Board consideration and approval.

Membership, Diversity and Community Engagement

Insure that all functions necessary to recruit and maintain membership are carried out. Develop and implement efforts to be a diverse, inclusive, and engaged partner with the CSUS and greater Sacramento communities.


Recruit, screen and interview candidates for the purpose of recommending a slate of eligible candidates to stand for election as officers or as Members-at-Large of the Renaissance Society Board of Directors.

Resource Development

Initiate, support and coordinate all resource development activities of the Renaissance Society. This includes solicitation of both financial and in-kind donations from individuals and public and private sector organizations that support goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors. Plan and coordinate a comprehensive donor recognition program.


Provide financial scholarships to select Sac State students in any field of study for both undergraduate and graduate students. Establish a set of stringent criteria for the selection of scholarship recipients. Select scholarship recipients using the established criteria and the students’ demonstration of financial need.


Plan and direct all aspects of the peer-to-peer learning program of the RS, with the exception of the Forums. Deliver seminars and speakers that are of the highest caliber possible and continue to improve over time.


Advocate, advance and provide assistance and support in the use of technology within the Renaissance Society and by its members. Develop and maintain the RS Website as a source of information about the programs and activities of the RS for the membership and the community.

University Services

Support the Sac State Theater and Dance Departments by recruiting RS volunteer ushers for the student productions.