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How to Join Renaissance

Spring Membership signups now open!

Spring memberships, which run from now until June 30, 2023, are now open and cost $60! Renewing or joining for the spring semester will allow you to attend as many of our online and on-campus seminars and other programs as you want in the spring. Our programs are either virtual on Zoom on Mondays through Fridays, on campus and in-person on Fridays or a combination of in-person and Zoom for some Friday programs.

Also, if you join now for the spring semester, you can register online and enjoy programs in this current semester, which ends on Dec. 9. These include Forums and one-time presentations.

Please note that you can no longer get parking passes as part of the membership signup process. Sac State is using a system of virtual parking passes. A one-year pass costs $40; the price is the same for just the spring semester. You can find all the details at the University Transportation and Parking Service (UTAPS) here.

Sac State Library cards for Renaissance members cost only $10 for the year or for one semester. They are available as part of the online membership signup. You can also get the cards at the Renaissance office. Details are here.

The full-year 2023-2024 memberships will be available next June.

You will have two options for signing up for Spring 2023:

  • Online, with a credit card payment.
  • Mailing a paper application and check to the Renaissance Office.

Join Online

Important: If you are a returning member (if you did not register for one or more previous semesters), you need to know your Renaissance Society membership number, which you can look up online with your name and ZIP code. You can then sign up with your original number.

The online internet process is simple and safe. Follow the prompts on the page. The system will be asking for credit card information to make your payment but does not retain credit card information once the transaction completes.

It’s simple and in a flash you are up to date with your Renaissance Society membership for now to June 30, 2023. Do not complete the online registration information more than one time because your credit card will be charged each time. If you think that your payment did not go through, phone the Renaissance Office at (916) 758-5133.

Online Membership Signups

Apply On Paper

You can use this form for either new memberships or returning ones (if you were not a member for one or more recent semesters). Follow the instructions. You can print out the form and mail it to the office (address on the form) with your check made payable to The Renaissance Society.

Download Print-Friendly Form

Special Conditions

Any Renaissance Society member who turns 90 before July 1 is eligible for Honorary Membership and no longer has to pay membership dues.

Do not register online. You must contact the office at (916) 758-5133 in order to be processed and registered for the new year.

Members who are already Honorary Members must also register with the office, phone or email

Sac State and Renaissance Society COVID Safety Plan Protocols

Sac State and Renaissance COVID Protocols

These could be requirements to participate in Renaissance programs on the Sac State campus this spring but they could change. Check back here before going to campus.

1.Be fully vaccinated – RS members are required to be fully vaccinated to participate in RS indoor programs on the Sac State campus. On Dec. 22, 2021, the CSU Chancellor’s office announced that it requires faculty, staff, and students to receive booster shots to be fully immunized against COVID-19 and comply with the CSU Vaccination Policy. As a third-party event, RS program participation accepts no medical or religious exemptions. Virtual participation is still an option for distance learning.

2. Vaccination self-attestation - Members will read, complete, and sign a vaccination self-attestation sheet when entering classrooms for each session. Attestation will include showing your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

3. Face masks – The wearing of face masks is optional when attending programs indoors on the Sac State campus. Members are expected to bring their own face masks. Everyone should feel free to wear face coverings, and no one should be shamed for wearing them.

4. Social distance - Everyone is encouraged to social distance to whatever extent possible within the classrooms. This is not required by the current university policies but is desired to honor RS members’ safety wishes expressed in RS surveying. A minimum distance of three feet and a preferred distance of six feet is the RS social distancing standard.

5. Program leader duties – RS program leaders are responsible for compliance with Sac State and RS COVID Safety Plan requirements in their classrooms. These compliance checks include monitoring the completion of the weekly Vaccination Self-Attestation Sheet, checking COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards, and encouraging participants to social distance in classrooms. Program leaders will ensure a back-up supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face masks and hand sanitizer are available at the entrance to their classrooms.

Questions? If at any point you have questions and need clarification, please feel free to contact our office at 916-758-5133 or

Renaissance Society Member Scholarship Program 

Finances should not be a barrier to lifelong learning. The Renaissance Society (RS) has a member scholarship program to meet that need. We encourage current and prospective members who have a financial hardship and a commitment to lifelong learning to apply for the scholarship.

The member scholarship program waives annual and mid-year membership dues as well as UTAPS parking permits, if needed, for a limited number of applicants for the current academic year. Qualified members can apply each year that they have an identified need. Payments will be internal accounting transfers. No cash will be disbursed directly to individuals. There will not be any retroactive reimbursements for previous semesters. The Board is committed to removing membership barriers that keep new and existing members from joining due to their financial hardship.

How to Apply

Please complete a Membership Scholarship Application, including a 500-word or less narrative explaining in detail the applicant’s need for a scholarship. You can find a PDF of the application here: Member Scholarship Application. You can also request one from the office at or (916) 758-5133.

Submit Applications

  • Electronically: at
  • By mail: at The Renaissance Society, CSUS 6000 J St., Mail Stop 6074, Sacramento, CA 95819-6074

Applicants will be reviewed for completeness and meeting the need criteria.


Please contact MDCE Co-Chair Debbie Martinez, Debralyn78@pacbell.netor call (916) 802-6530.

A Membership Gift

Looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary or retirement gift? Why not give an annual Renaissance Society membership? At $100 a year, about $2 a week, it would mean that you can share a year of your RS experiences with someone else in your life. Now, with the option of taking seminars over Zoom, you can give a membership to someone living outside of Sacramento, even out of state!

To give a membership Gift is easy and straightforward: simply go to Gift Membership. Then click on “Sign Me Up” for new members; fill out your family member, relative, or friend’s personal information; click submit; and then enter your credit card information. You can also get a specially designed gift certificate to send to your recipient! Contact the RS office at for the certificate.