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College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies California State University, Sacramento

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Statement of the SSIS Leadership Team Commitment to Anti-racism

Silence and inaction are intolerable, particularly during this time when Black Lives are disproportionately subject to murder, deplorable violence, and systemic racism. As the administrative leadership team of the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, we are united in our resolve to engage the entire College in creating and sustaining an antiracist working environment and culture. We recognize that the extensive expertise and lived experiences of faculty, staff, and students in our College are critical driving forces in the changes we must make. We are committed to eradicating racism against Black Lives and racialized oppression in all forms. We will be held accountable to the following action plan to:

  1. Lead a self‐examination of our own College structures, systems, practices, policies,
    spaces, and symbols with the goal of eliminating racism in our working environment.
    Our work will align with the efforts of departments and others advancing anti‐racism on
    campus and in the community.
  2. Elevate the expertise and contributions of our faculty, staff, and students and further
    support our scholarly disciplines that have emerged as a result of the fight against
    racism and the struggle for representation.
  3. Support and commit to actions that work to eliminate bias, challenge racist culture and
    approaches, and address lack of representation in all College curricula, pedagogy,
    advising, and mentoring.
  4. Foster safe and inclusive spaces, ways, and means for conversation, expressions of
    comfort and discomfort, sharing, and feedback.
  5. Support and expand opportunities to heighten awareness and understanding of racism
    across the continuum of our College community with the aim of equipping all members
    with knowledge and skills to promote anti‐racism and social justice in all facets of our
    work and lives.