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California State University, Sacramento

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Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program

About Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program

What is Cooper-Woodson College?

The Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program (CWC) is an association of faculty, staff, students, and community members who are committed to recognizing and upholding the tradition represented in African American culture that is best expressed in relationships between traditional African American colleges and students. It involves adults in the community assuming responsibility for shaping and guiding a learning environment supportive of, responsive to, and nurturing of CWC students.
The Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program and Pan African Studies work collaboratively. A certificate in Pan African Studies is available through the Ethnic Studies Department. Students enrolled in the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program are eligible for the certificate. The Director of Pan African Studies certifies those graduates of the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program who are eligible for the certificate. Total units required for the Pan African Studies Certificate are 24.


Interested in developing Leadership, Scholarship, and Service skills while building community with fellow CSUS students? Well CWC may offer the academic experience you are in need of!

The Sacramento State COOPER-WOODSON COLLEGE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM CWC is an academic support and retention program for undergraduate Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior students interested in Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. 

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Cooper-Woodson Program Requirements

  1. Perform 15 hours of community service.
  2. Attend one pre-approved lecture and submit a one to two paragraph paper about the lecture or attend (PARC) Peer Academic Resource Center’s tutoring session.  
  3. Attend the Anna J. Cooper Lecture in the Fall semester. View the video and submit a one to two page paper if the lecture has been missed.
  4. Attend the Carter G. Woodson Lecture in the Spring semester. View the video and submit a one to two page paper if the lecture has been missed.
  5. Attend the Fall orientation held at the beginning of the Fall semester.
  6. Attend the Winter Planning Retreat held at the beginning of the Spring semester.
  7. Attend the large group meetings which are held once a month on the second Saturday of each month.
  8. Meet with your mentor once a month and submit a mentor card at the end of the each semester.
  9. New and continuing scholars enrolled in the Ethnic 98 course must attend classes as arranged by the instructor of record.
  10. Maintain at least 2.0 Grade Point Average.
  11. Maintain a full academic load.


The Cooper-Woodson College is founded upon the belief illustrated through the lives and deeds of Drs. Anna J. Cooper and Carter G. Woodson. CWC challenges its scholars with both practical and theoretical learning experiences. These theoretical and practical learning experiences are based upon African and African American cultural experiences and traditions. Students should be educated to accept the responsibility to lead and serve. CWC scholars demonstrate acceptance of this expectation by their exemplary personal deportment and their willingness to engage in rigorous intellectual development.


  1. To develop the intellectual, spiritual, political, and moral leadership potential of CWC students.
  2. To raise the awareness of students concerning the culture of the University.
  3. To establish an African based support structure for CWC students.
  4. To provide an educational experience grounded in the African and Black Diaspora cultural traditions
  5. To develop a University/Community network which will improve the persistence and graduation rates of CWC Scholars.

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