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Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program Ethnic Studies Department


About Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program

What is Cooper-Woodson College?

The Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program (CWC) was founded in 1990 as an Educational Equity, Pan African Student Retention Program, through the leadership of Dr. Otis Scott, Chris Glen, and David Covin. The name is a tribute to the legendary legacies of Anna Julia Cooper and Carter G. Woodson! The founders formulated the theoretical framework of the program based on the principles of Leadership, Scholarship, and Service! This tagline continues to define the mission of the program, and its influence can be felt around the world.

It is an association of faculty, staff, students, and community members who are committed to recognizing and upholding the tradition represented in Pan African cultures that are best expressed in relationships between historically Black Colleges and students. It involves adults in the community assuming responsibility for shaping and guiding a learning environment supportive of, responsive to, and nurturing of CWC students.

Leadership, Scholarship, Service!

Each Semester Students are required to:

  • Be enrolled in 12 units
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Perform 15 hours of community service
  • Attend a pre-approved lecture
  • Attend the Anna J. Cooper Lecture in the Fall
  • Attend the Carter G. Woodson Lecture in the Spring
  • Attend the Fall Kick Off Orientation
  • Attend the Winter Planning Retreat Spring semester
  • Attend monthly large group meetings: Second Saturday
  • New scholars enrolled in the Ethnic 98 course must attend


Students enrolled in the CWC are eligible for a certificate in Pan African Studies. Total units required for Certificate are 24.

Fall 2023 Calendar Events

Date Location &Time Title
Sept.1 In-Person |4:30pm Mentor/Scholar Orientation
Sept.9 In-Person |10am 1st Large Group Meeting
Sept.9 In-Person | 12pm Black Student Orientation
Oct.7 In-Person | TBA Dr. David Covin Homegoing
Nov.11 Virtual |10am 3rd Large Group Meeting
Nov.16 In-Person | TBA Anna J. Cooper Lecture
Dec.9 In-Person |10am 4th Large Group Meeting

Pan African Graduation Celebration

Become a Cooper-Woodson College Scholar!

Faculty-Led Study Abroad (Egypt/Kemet)

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