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Compliance California State University, Sacramento

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Information Security

Protecting campus with every click! From malware, cyberattacks, phishing attempts, or other malicious online schemes, your IRT Information Security team monitors, educates, and works to protect the Sacramento State community 24/7, as well as to ensure that our network, data, and information systems are secure and compliant.

Comprehensive information security services supporting security, data integrity, and compliance for University activities includes virus protection, encryption, information risk management, data security, identity management, access controls (passwords, accounts, and authentication), audit, and monitoring services.


  • Account Services: Manage Sac State account access, creation, enablement, and identity management.
  • Access Management: Services relating to application authentication, access, and role-based provisioning.
  • Network Security: Provide a secure computing environment for our campus community, including network security, system security, and application security.
  • Security Incident Response & Investigation: Respond to, remediate, and help prevent information security incidents such as phishing or other cyber attacks.
  • Risk Management: Meet institutional policy/compliance guidelines and requirements, and support auditing processes.