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Driving on University Business

Driving on University Business is defined as "only when driven in the performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of, the duties of University employment."Authorized drivers shall use university vehicles only in the conduct of University or State business.

"University employees" are defined as those persons who have completed all prerequisites to CSU employment and include all CSU faculty, staff, and student assistants and persons on appointed volunteer status (Job Class Code 0050).

A University vehicle is defined as a motorized device for land transportation owned, leased, or rented by the University, State, or any State agency, including and not limited to automobiles, trucks, golf carts, tractors, etc.

Use of University & Private Vehicles Guidelines

Authorized Drivers

Authorized Drivers must:

  • Be a University employee or registered volunteer
  • Have a valid state drivers license
  • Have and maintain a good and safe driving record
  • Be authorized by Program Center Manager (dean, director, AVP, etc.)
  • Take the free defensive driver course if driving more than once a month or 12 times a year
  • Be registered with Risk Management by turning in the proper paperwork.

Authorization Forms

For quicker and easier completion, Adobe Acrobat Sign is now used to complete driving paperwork.

The driver will sign onto the Adobe Acrobat Sign and MySacState, and enter your Emp/Student ID # and your supervisor's email as the approving authority (not Risk Management).

After completion and approval, the forms will be forwarded automatically to Risk Management Services.

Prior Method

Below are checklists of the required forms with active links to documents and pieces of training.

Individual Forms

The driver must fill out, sign, and turn in the following paperwork to Risk Management (zip 6145).

  • Vehicle Operation Authorization (VOA) This form is a request to operate vehicles on University business. You must have your supervisor's permission to use any vehicle on University Business. [updated]
  • Driver Authorization Process (DAP) This form provides appropriate authorization and acknowledgment that our office will review driving records through the California DMV Employer Pull Notice Program. Drivers with Out-of-State Licenses must obtain and provide a driving record from their State every year OR get a California State Driver's License. Foreign licenses are not permitted. [updated]
  • STD 261, Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business This form is required if an employee desires to drive a privately owned vehicle on University business. This form is to be recertified annually.

Training & Guidelines

Defensive Driver Training

Defensive Driver Training is a course that is required if driving more than once a month or twelve times a year or driving a University-Owned vehicle. The driver must repeat this training every four years.

  • To access the Defensive Driver Program training, labeled "Driving Safely, Driving Smarter," please click on this link or go to MySacState / Employee Center / CSU Learn / Search field "Defensive Driver Program" / Click on the title / Click on REGISTER / Click on START

Golf Cart Safety Training

Golf Cart Safety Training is a course that is required if driving a golf cart on campus. The driver must repeat this training every four years.

  • If driving a golf cart on the inner campus, complete the Sacramento State Golf Cart Safety Training. To access the Golf Cart Safety training, please click on this link or go to MySacState / Employee Center / CSU Learn/ Search field "Sacramento State Golf Cart Safety Training"/ Click on the title / Click on START
  • For students who do not have access to CSU Learn, training is accessible through Canvas. The Golf Cart Safety Training v2016 is not searchable on Canvas, but the driver can self-enroll and must print the results to attach to the paperwork. The training is valid for four years.

Inner Campus Pathways Pedestrian Safety Program

Vehicle operators whose business takes them on the inner campus pathways must abide by the pedestrian safety rules shown at Keeping Pedestrians Safe on Inner Campus Pathways.

Reporting a Vehicle Accident

Vehicle Accidents must be reported by the employee/supervisor to Risk Management no later than 24 hours following an accident. Please refer to the webpage, Vehicle Accident Procedures for expanded instructions. Brief procedures follow:

  1. Say nothing regarding the accident, except to the police, other state officers or employees, or an identified representative of the State's contract adjuster.
  2. Call campus police at 916-278-6000 or 911. If the police request a copy of your insurance and operating a state-owned vehicle, refer the officer to CVC 16021. State ownership of the vehicle establishes financial responsibility.
  3. If you are driving a University/State-owned vehicle, complete the Accident Identification (STD 269) before leaving the accident scene.
  4. All drivers must complete a Vehicle Accident Report (STD 270) within 24 hours.
  5. All drivers must complete Sacramento State's Report of Incident or Accident within 24 hours.
  6. The supervisor shall complete a State Driver Accident Review form (STD 274) and send it to Risk Management Services within five (5) days.

Send all paperwork to Risk Management Services at or campus zip 6145

For your convenience, attached is an electronic packet of Vehicle Accident Forms to print and place in State/University-owned vehicles or vehicles rented through an approved agency. Note: the packet is not fillable on computers. Please refer to the links in numbers 3 through 6 above for fillable forms.

Vehicle Liability Claims

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident and believe that the University's vehicle operator was negligent. In that case, you should contact either the University Risk Management Department or the California Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM).

The phone number to California State University, Sacramento Risk Management Department is (916) 278-2020.

To reach ORIM, please call (916) 376-5300/5302 or (800) 900-3634. On weekends, please leave a voicemail at (916) 376-5295. ORIM will return your call on the next business day.