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Diversity & Inclusion California State University, Sacramento

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AICP Advisory Council

The California State University, Sacramento Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Plan Implementation Advisory Council (AICP Advisory Council) is a committee of the University, established by the President. The mission of the is to provide strategic advice, proactive guidance, and assist the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and University Diversity Officer in making informed decisions and tracking the transformation and implementation of the Antiracism and Inclusive Action Plan.

AICP Advisory Council Membership

Composition of Membership

The AICP-AC will be a 14-person, community-based group of stakeholders representing the diversity of the campus community. The committee must be comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees who are representative of our Sacramento State community.

The members shall be as follows:

  1. Vice President for Inclusive Excellence (Chair)*
  2. Representative Office of the President (President’s appointment)*
  3. Representative Division of Inclusive Excellence (appointed by VP Inclusive Excellence)*
  4. Faculty representative (appointed by Faculty Senate)*
  5. Faculty representative (appointed by Faculty Senate)
  6. Employee Affinity Group (appointed by EAG Collective) *
  7. ASI Student representative - Undergraduate (appointed by ASI)
  8. ASI Student representative - Graduate (appointed by ASI)
  9. Representative Athletics (appointed by Athletics)
  10. Alumni (appointed by Alumni Association)
  11. Retired Staff (Appointed by Retiree Association)
  12. Sacramento Region Community Member (2 members through Anchor)
  13. Administrative Staff to the Council (appointed by VP for Inclusive Excellence)*

*denotes required membership

AICP Advisory Council Charge