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Division of Inclusive Excellence California State University, Sacramento

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Antiracism & Inclusion Campus Action Plan

In the Spring of 2021, the Sacramento State community, developed an Antiracism and Inclusive Campus plan. This plan contained recommendations for becoming an Antiracism and Inclusive Campus. There were seven Action Planning Groups (APGs) focused on themed areas articulated in the plan:

  1. Antiracism Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment
  2. Antiracism Learning & Literacy
  3. Cross Racial and Inclusive Engagement
  4. Encounters with Racial Stress & Bias
  5. Mattering & Affirmation
  6. Institutional Commitment
  7. Impacts on and of the Sacramento Region

Implementing the Plan

In order to implement the recommendations in the plan, Sacramento State will utilize a five-year implementation framework.

Year 1 (February 2022-January 2023) will be the foundational year of BELIEVING. In this year, the Sacramento State community will lay the structural foundation for prioritizing and implementing recommendations from the AICP.

For years 2-3, the focus will be on BECOMING. During these years, the Sacramento State community will conduct an institutional audit of its policies, practices and procedures through a DEIBJ and Antiracism lens.

For years 4-5, the focus will be on BEING. During these years, Sacramento State will interrogate our systems proactively, standardize opportunities and resources, and track our progress on a consistent and continuous basis.

Monitoring Progress

An Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Advisory Council made up of students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni and community members will be charged to oversee the following:

  • Prioritize AICP recommendations (annually)
  • Assess gaps in the AICP and add additional recommendations (e.g. intersectionality, LGBTQ+ community, communities with disabilities etc.)
  • Develop Antiracism & Inclusive policy
  • Establish new and modified Antiracism and Inclusive traditions
  • Develop Antiracism & Inclusive programming & toolkits
  • Create a structure for community engagement & counter-narrative storytelling
  • Standardize opportunities, structures and resources for healing, reconciliation & restorative justice
  • Create and monitor tools for accountability and progress made towards achieveing Antiracism & Inclusion Action Plan objectives

How to Use the Action Plan

Each year, there will be prioritized goals.

1. Each goal will be tied to one of the seven APG focus areas and have key action steps articulated to reach the goal.

2. Each action step will have a progression timeline, expected outcome, and initiator/ division(s) responsible for putting in place structures, identifying the people, and monitoring the completion of each action step.

3. Each action step will be aligned to one of the major strategic initiatives.

4. Once all action steps are completed, we will assess whether the goal has been achieved, embedded, and sustained towards becoming an antiracism and inclusive campus.


Each year in January, the Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Advisory Council will release an Annual Antiracism and Inclusion Impact Report. This report will be followed by town halls, community forums, and conferences that encourages community engagement, questions, and feedback on the implementation and progress

AICP Advisory Council

The Sac State Antiracism and Inclusive Campus Plan Implementation Advisory Council (AICP Advisory Council) is a committee of the University, established to provide strategic advice and proactive guidance in implementing the AICP Action Plan. Click the button below to learn more about the AICP Advisory Council's mission, charge, and membership.