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Belonging Education & Support Division of Inclusive Excellence

About Belonging Education & Support System

About the Belonging Education & Support Team (BEST)

The Belonging Education & Support Team (BEST) leads the campus efforts to reduce experiences of bias and promote a civil, respectful, and inclusive community that opposes any act of racism, religious intolerance, sexism, ageism, ableism, trans- and homophobia, or other forms of intolerance.

BEST is here to serve create an inclusive space of belonging and support by serving as a conduit for reporting, gathering information, and making recommendations for addressing incidents of bias on the Sac State campus.

BEST empowers the entire Hornet community (faculty, students & staff) to work toward becoming a more inclusive campus by reporting any perceived acts of bias incidents that witness or experienced.

Belonging + Bridging Program

The Belonging + Bridging Program is a unique opportunity to grow, learn, and work collaboratively across identity-based community groups to end oppression.

Members of the Hornet community who identify as Black/African American, White/European American/Jewish, and Hispanic/Latinx are invited to join the inaugural Belonging + Bridging communities program.

Participants in this 6-week innovative program work to understand the complexities of identity, and come together with other communities in a bridging space to explore working together across difference.

The program is not accepting applicants at this time, but check back in the fall semester for the next session.

Learn more about the Belonging + Bridging Pilot Program